Resizing My Rings

 I am nearly impossible to surprise, yet for my engagement nearly 22 (gulp) years ago, my husband Bob managed to pull it off. Tempted by the inexpensive hotel rates that lure Philadelphians to Atlantic City, NJ each winter, Bob and I decided to invest in an unexpected weekend getaway. "Are you going to propose to me in Atlantic City," I probed during the two hour drive to the shore. "Lisa I already told you," he growled.  "You are impossible to surprise, We are getting engaged on Valentine's Day!"...more

The First Day of High School

  The First Day of High School "A" my name is Aliceand my husband's name is Alanwe live in Alabamawhere we sell apples"B" my name is Bettyand my husband's name is Benwe live in Bostonwere we sell bananasAnd so on it went, from A to Z. ...more