Baby Dreamin'

As my due date fast approaches, I’ve been dreaming of meeting this sweet baby and reflecting on the early days with Sweetpea – the sweet and fierce love that was so immediate the moment I saw her, the hours I spent gazing at her little face, hands, feet, her jet black hair…and the time I spent worrying about things that were so silly!  I’d like to think I’ll have it together a bit more this time around, but I’ll also b ...more

Micro Steam Bags - a busy mom's best friend!

There are few products that I would purely classify as “must haves” for busy moms of young kiddos.  When I come across such a product, I love to share my find!  Micro steam bags definitely fall into this category for me – how many times do moms of young kids find themselves in front of the sink washing bottles, pump supplies, pacifiers or bottles?  So many of these products include little parts th ...more

Organizing tips for busy moms

I am excited to share with you some great tips from a fellow "work outside the home mom" I met while soliciting information on organizing. Laura has a husband, two little boys and four pets under her roof, so she has a lot going on. She's totally speaking my language when she says: I hate it when people ask "how I do it", because the answer is pretty much "just the best I can"! Here are Laura's favorite organizing tools and services: ...more

My husband developed a great site based on his experience as a single dad.  Set up ...more

I guess that’s why they call them PESTS…Car seat woes!

EmDee got home last night about midnight from his trip, (coincidentally the same time we got back from urgent care last night after taking Sweetpea in for an ear infection) and reminded me that he would need the car seat replaced in his car before I left for work in the morning if he was going to be able to pick Sweetpea up from daycare. I am admittedly anal about installing the car seat, but this little reminder elicited a groan from me nonetheless. ...more

Valentine Fun!

I am excited to celebrate Valentine's day with Sweetpea this year, as I've always preferred handmade and heartfelt gifts to grand gestures or chocolate. (unless it's Godiva, honey, I'm always willing to cut some calories elsewhere for Godiva...) We are planning a sweet/heart themed dinner for the occasion and have been working on some fun crafts. Here are some of the crafts we have planned, and a few of my favorite ideas from around the blogosphere. ...more

The first step in getting organized - keeping your plans in one place!

When you're thinking of getting organized, what is one of the first things that comes to mind? Oh yeah. Well besides that...finding a planner, right? :) Are you in search of the perfect planner? Just in case you are, I thought I'd review a few of the ones I've come across in my organizational series. Speaking of that series, I'd like to apologize that it's running about a month late - obviously I need some remedial organizational assistance! ...more

Hi Maria!

 Thanks for the comment!

I find that the bubble maps work best for me ...more

Gearing up to Go Red on February 6th

As someone who has been very personally affected by heart disease, I do my best to live a heart healthy lifestyle and be an advocate for the American Heart Association and its programs. Are you familiar with the Go Red for Women campaign? It’s a great program designed to help inform and empower women to live heart healthy lifestyles, know their risk factors, and understand the symptoms of a heart attack. Here are some simple steps to love your heart, courtesy of the AHA: ...more

In pursuit of work/life balance

The first step in achieving work/life balance is identifying your goals - what is it that you want when you say “balance”? As I’ve mentioned before, much of the balance comes in prioritizing the various aspects of our lives, and therefore finding that balance is an active, purposeful pursuit. ...more