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That's What Supermoms Are Made Of...

How can you define a supermom?  A pinch of "super" and a dash of "mom" come together to make up the title of "supermom".  But, what does that really mean?  What if we looked a little closer at the make-up of those two very key ingredients:...more

Fly, My Pretties!

Please Forgive Me...

Addicted To...

  even if it doesn't taste as good as I thought or isn't as much to my liking, I polish it off anyway. I am briefly satisfied at "indulging" in a forbidden treat, until it hits my stomach, then the aching and churning starts, followed quickly by the first few pangs of regret...all will haunt me for the next several hours. I mean, my chocolate soy milk never makes me feel so bad. I don't feel guilty, when I go to bed sans dessert. And, I wonder, why?...more

An Accidental Epiphany Well, here I was, all set for my major relaunch and recommitment to blogging regularly, and I spent last week doing absolutely none! Sorry, supermoms! What I was doing was working my 1/2-marathon training schedule, keeping up with work (my real job not Project Supermom stuff), taking care of the baby and the rest of the family, and tinkering with a couple of overdue house projects....more

Simple As, I'm off like a shot, working towards my new goals by working my daily "plan" of exercise... nicely spelled out in a beginner 1/2 marathon training schedule calendar (you can find them free online, by the way)...and healthy eating with help from my calorie counter. As one of the recent Biggest Loser contestants would say, over and over, "it's one day at a time, one meal, one decision"....more

Well, I'm Back, Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Ah, it feels good to be flexing my blogging muscles! Actually, it feels even better given that me blogging means baby is sleeping...strapped to me in her Bjorn, but we can't have everything!Well, how have you been supermoms? I have been all over the board, these past few months....more

Ready... ...on your marks, supermoms...get set......more

A Balancing Act Hello, fellow supermoms and friends! It is not without some anguish that I post today to bid you all a adieu for awhile. I know I have been MIA a bit anyway, but I cannot just leave Project Supermom hanging!As I close in on my due date and put the finishing touches on a VERY big office restructure project, my body is feeling the wear and tear. I need to slow down and set things on the back burner...not something I'm very good at doing!...more