Dear internet friends, If you live outside Singapore, you may not have heard. Singapore went to the polls on Friday. For the first time since independance in 1965, all 89 seats were contested ....more

Weigh In Friday - Do you puree?

Lately I've become interested in drinking pureed stuff. It started with checking out a Low Acid Diet cookbook and I noticed a number of pureed drinks. I haven't tried making any blended drinks myself because number one, my blender is old and dirty and number two, I don't know what and how much of the ingredients I should put in the blender ....more

What is your Everest?

Hubs doesn't climb mountains. He runs. After completing his first ever half marathon in August, he decided he wouldn't attempt the full marathon ....more

Weigh In Friday - Do you have a gallbladder?

Hi guys,Another week has gone by so quickly. I'm still obsessing over food and spending a large amount of time at the supermarkets. My condition has improved slightly as in I am able to tolerate a larger variety of food ....more

Bead Embroidery Motifs

As you know, I love beads and apart from beadweaving, I do some bead embroidery from time to time. When I first started sewing with beads, I think in 2007, I did it without any clear technique. In Singlish, we call this way of doing things "anyhow whack" ....more

Justice League Run Sg 2015

Another Sunday morning once again spent waking up at 6am to get ready for another organised run. This time it's the Justice League Run. Hubs sprang this run on me a few weeks ago ....more

Weigh In Friday - Worked My Butt Off

Hello people,My daughter informed me it's depressing to read my blog nowadays because all I talk about is my on-going saga of food sensitivity, bloating and headaches. I'm going to listen to my daughter and avoid any mention of illness, ailment or food related issues on my posts from now on. Except on my Friday's posts ....more

Pattern Shop Updates

Hi guys,If you buy my bag patterns, I have a few updates for you. PRICE SLASH Firstly, I've decided to lower the price for my Messenger Bag. I designed this pattern as a learning bag for a beginner transitioning to a larger and more complex bag ....more

Weigh In Friday - Eyes Wide Open

I'm into my 6th week since my gastritis happened. My doctor has "upgraded" my condition to IBS - irritable bowel syndrome. It means nothing ....more

Beadweaving bug

For the past 2 weeks, I've been bitten by the beadweaving bug. Lately I've found it quite hard to think. I know it sounds funny to say I can't think but I can't get into any projects that require me to calculate, plan, strategize, organize or require critical analysis ....more