I Keep Working On New Years Goals

Greetings Blogher, I have been so busy trying to accomplish my new year goals, that I have not informed you of what is occuring. Please forgive me for not coming sooner. I have been applying to freelance writing gigs via a few worthy sites such as Freelance Writing Gigs, Media Bistro and one that is run by a Canadian woman. I have tried to sustain employment by applying to three postings daily whenever possible. ...more

Seasonal Greetings Ladies on Blogher

Seasonal greetings ladies on Blogher. You were in my thoughts through the Christmas Season, and I meant to come and post a blog to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope your seasonal holidays finds you healthy, happy and financially prosperous. My resolutions for the new year are short but sweet. To have health;as much of it as possible for my friends,family and even for strangers. To have more money; to save for our upcoming holidays and vehicle. To have much love and blessings throughout my year, and throughout yours. ...more

Balancing Our Time Online

As a woman who juggles a writing career, two businesses, a family and a needy husband, my time online is very balanced between what I do and read. I choose reading smaller articles even if that means I need to click on links to obtain further information or be led to the sites or products they are talking about. I choose reading smaller articles online so I can write my articles, browse through hundreds of emails, read other job offers, and manage a business site or two. ...more

Holiday Season Alone

If you are forced to spend the season alone, do not look at that opportunity as a tradegy. Turn that time into something soothing for the soul, and embrace the chance to turn solitude into a personal quest of knowing you. ...more

Social Media Applications To Check Your Brand

As most of us writers and bloggers are aware, we need to know if what we write or blog about is going to be discussed in social circles on the internet. This keeps us in business and makes sure we can continue having views, or we would not be able to put food on our tables. I am course looking at this as a business venture such as blogging for money or writing for another site. ...more

PES Wiki Strategy

When you are beginning to pursue a career as a freelance writer, the most important aspect at the start is to build up your portfolio and to be viewed. Money should not be the first and only consideration you are focusing on when you are starting off. Gaining some regular readers and regular articles to be viewed should be your first and main focus. ...more

You Can Not Buy Your Way Into Being Green

My article was approved by the editor to be placed on Socyberty on the rise of the false environmentalist. People and business's who purchase carbon offset to try to reduce the amount of their own carbons, without working on a solution to reduce their own output. Buying their way in. Most environmental forums or sites really do not bond with these sorts of individuals or business’s. They figure by contributing a certain amount monthly or yearly to an environmental organization such as planting trees, or creating wind power, that they are doing enough of a contribution. ...more

This is the kind of action we are taking on the other side of the world to get governments ...more

The Principles of Simple Living

Simple living through this global economic crisis is becoming popular again. It helps with living a simple frugal life that is also based on sustainability. Two main principles that are becoming the object in today's society. Frugality helps with the economy, and sustainability is something people are incorporating into daily living to help to sustain our planet. Something we all should be participating in. The core principles and teachings of Simple Living are as follows. 1) Simplicity. Simplicity is the simple living core belief....more

Pay Per View Does Make Money

The only ones who complain on pay per view, are not receiving enough views to garnish any sort of income. I know many who do very well with pay per view, and I am one of those individuals. ...more

Health Canada Issues Warning For Children Under Six

It is the duty of all published writers and journalists to bring news to others that could save many lives. When you have access as I do to publish my stories on a variety of websites, I take this duty very seriously. ...more