Snippets: Radio's not dead, Missed Connections, and Google Reader = Nerdy

I finally just pledged some cash to WTMD, our local actually good radio station. For a long time I thought "why even try when I can get exactly what I want, when I want it, now? Why bother when the radio can play ten things I don't like first? ...more

Paper Reviews: Fancy Legal Pads

If I want to write with nice pens, I am going to want to write on nice paper. My main issue was fretting that cheap paper is going to accumulate microscopic paper muck in my fountain pen nibs and clog same. To that end I decided to find paper to bring to work with me, since that is where I do most of my writing. Yes, I know, most people take the office supplies away from work. I make vast use of legal pads, so I struck out and found both Doane and Rhodia make legal pads. ...more