MANAGEMENT is the new everything

It came to me in a dream the other night: the word MANAGEMENT in hot neon lights, like the word "Honesty" from many blogs back. I looked under the word, Management,  to gauge its meaning, and I found it applicable to every relationship in our lives. There is so much uncertainty now - in the markets (job,stock and even grocery store prices), so much unsaid, so much bad news, you need to be a steel magnolia to keep yourself from diving under your covers and waiting for the other shoe to drop. ...more

Riding the Brain Waves to a New Tomorrow

I know I've been whining about having to hide myself in the broom closet, lest someone figure out, in the real world, that I am a psychic. But wait! (as they say) there's new evidence that I may get to come out soon and cheerfully acknowledge that yes, I can see into the future. ...more

And where do Psychic Astrologers fit in?

Ok. I know the answer to the title's question. I'm a psychic, after all. And the answer is: Psychics and  Astrologers still don't fit in, no matter where you put them at the dinner table. Oh, we have our place all right, but it's behind-the-scenes, in the kitchen, as we cook up and deliver the scenarios we see for the future. ...more

Lincoln, the great Aquarius

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln. Turning 200 years old today, and looking not a day over 56. Your time in office and The Civil War aged you, etching deep (but beautiful) lines into your face. But goodness endures, as time and test have proven when it comes to you and your Presidency. Many come to Washington D.C. and Springfield, Illiinois to honor you and share in your wisdom and good graces. Born in the Sign of Aquarius, you were true to your Sun Sign, with its airy, head-first, hidden aspects. You spoke eloquently, but you did not always speak your mind. ...more


I really really really wanted this to be a positive entry (enough with the "reallys", ok?). But I can't change the psychic signs I see on the bumpy road ahead. These signs, and my information, point to trouble brewing ahead domestically. I believe our new President will have a Lincolnesque job to do - unite a country that is pretty-well divided between the Haves and the Have-Nots. This is a civil war, in some ways, 21st Century style. Perhaps this conflict has always been a part of the American fabric. ...more

PSYCHIC ZODIAC. What Women Want 2009-style. A Rant on the Current State of Women and Power

If you know anything about the Goddess myth, and I confess I know a thing or two, then you know the Wise One, also known as the Crone, has been silent about all the shenanigans and turmoil swirling about us, circa 2009. Well, no longer. She is speaking out now -  agahst at the scope of the mess we find ourselves in - economic, political, cultural. She believes, in large part, this sad state of affairs has occurred because women are still locked out of positions of power. The current debacle and series of crises and scandals, one after another, seem to  come at the expense of women. ...more

PSYCHIC ZODIAC. Beyond Astrology. Confronting the Wipe-Out

If you read my blogs backwards, you can see I was heading in this direction, all along. One might (and I do) call this month and this time, The Great Wipe-Out. This is not an economic term, like Depression, Recession, Inflation or Deflation, but it might as well be, given that " wipe-out " refers to all things money  - or the lack thereof. ...more

PSYCHIC ZODIAC.Fighting the Deep Freeze. Sun Sign Readings for December, 2008

We are so Frozen. Do you feel it? The iced-trees (East Coast) and the cold rain (West Coast) are but outward expressions of the shape we're in, December, 2008. Nothing moves. Nothing finishes.Everything is stalled, like a car engine (yes, car) without antifreeze. Will we have a job next week or next year? Will we lose our house, our 401K, our investments (thank you Mr. former Nasdaq honcho)? Will we be able to afford college tuition? Retirement? ...more

More Psychics than you can shake at stick at. Develop your own Sixth Sense.BEYOND ASTROLOGY; PSYCHIC Horoscopes & Readings:

I began today's journey, into the land of psychics, by wanting to learn more about Abraham Lincoln, everybody's favorite President. I remember reading or hearing that he was interested in spiritualism (the word used in the mid-late 1800s, to describe Mediums). I'd also read about Lincoln's clairvoyant dream(s) - in which he saw his body, lying in State, shortly before his assassination.... I  heard seances were conducted in The White House (which may or may not be true) for Lincoln, and his wife, Mary. ...more

Honest Engine: The Train Has Left the Station. Beyond Astrology, Psychic Horoscope & Readings

Several weeks ago, I posted, on this blog or another I write, that my Psychic Sign was blazing white hot neon with the word: HONESTY. Truth be Told is another way I put it. And now we see, with the latest mess in Illinois, that the train has left the station --  public sentiment is driving the engine towards increasing demand for full disclosure, truth, accountability. And, an end to corruption (i.e. ...more