The Young Shaman

She was tiny. Very still. She had signed up for Medicine Man, because he was half Native Canadian, but kept being drawn to me, and she honoured that. As she was seated, I felt my throat closing violently, as if I were being strangled, and I remarked upon that. Her eyes widened slightly, but she was a very quiet young girl. ...more

Teenage Rebellion, ABB Style

A bloggy friend of mine, Zoe is having some teenage curfew problems with her son, who has recently been very ill. Even at the height of Ass Burger Boy's teenage rebellion I had to laugh at the irony of it all. Did he do drugs? No, he did not. Did he drink? Again, no. How about whoring around with women? Nope. None of that, and yet? His rebellion caused much angst in the household. ...more

World of Warcraft is Not a Job

When Ass Burger Boy was about nine years old, he announced that he was never going to leave home. I replied that he could live home as long as he pursued his education or had a job. Note: World of Warcraft is not a job. Monday, we find out if he will be attending community college yet again this semester. When he graduated high school, he said to me: "Mom, I bet you'd thought you would never see this day." to which I replied, because I'm quick that way : read more... ...more


One of the characteristics of autistic behaviours is obsessions. Come to think of it, I just might be autistic myself. But this isn't about me. Hah! Ass Burger Boy was obsessed with toilets ever since toilet training began. I think I may have helped to fuel this obsession, since I was pretty eager not to clean up poop. read more ...more

A Very Grammie Christmas

This card, showing Grammie on a Harley, with my little bro, is one that my family sent for Christmas one year. It was my favourite, and I am sharing it with you to wish you all a goofy, happy, wonderful Christmas. ...more

Hey that is just adorable. My grandmother always wanted one of those! :)

Happy Holidays to ...more

Working with the police - part three | Psychicgeek

This is where I send the newcomers back to Part One and Part Two Those of you with good memories, just rip this puppy up with your bad selves reading. Now where was I? Oh, yes, the soon-to-be-deceased is down on the lower level of the barn, when he hears a noise on the upper level. What he hears is the opening noises of the huge door that is on the road level. ...more

The Ingenious Plot of Skinny Bitch to Torture Her Husband

If you're not up on Skinny Bitch, you need to go for an introduction and for a follow-up She's totally worth it. SB is not somebody you want as an enemy. She remembers wrong doings for a long, long time. read more... ...more

Gram's Coffin - the Backstory

When Gram was in her early eighties, she took to saying "If I die" quite a lot. I think she was using it for attention, but it cracked me up. Me: "Grammie, when you say that, it sounds like you have all of these options, and haven't quite decided which one you're going to choose." Gram: "Oh." We're an eloquent bunch. ...more

What's in the Box?

Or, more precisely, who's in the box? You may remember my Grammie from this wicked picture I had been going through homemade Christmas cards, hoping to find a design I could use on my banner, when a picture of my Grammie I had been looking for appeared. I put it aside for much of the day because, people, I had some code issues. Thanks to J at Life's Just Beachy, I can switch out my masthead Any.Time.I.Want.To. ...more

Wow! I didn't know anyone would read this. Thanks.
Warmly, ...more