Important Lessons Learned During Easter Egg Coloring

This past weekend I facilitated the coloring of Easter Eggs with my three and four year olds. The ordeal unfolded much like the way training an Angora rabbit to use a lint roller might. As with everything, it was a learning experience. I’d like to share some of the lessons I learned with you so that you might adjust your own egg dying session accordingly. ...more
As was evidenced by my husband getting bossy with the eggs...more

Create A Featured Writing Page For Your Blog In 5 Easy Steps

Originally Published on Beyond Your BlogNow that you have been featured in a few places, you want to get the word out!  Besides social media promotion and teaser posts, a Featured Writing page is a great way to showcase your writing outside of your blog (and brag a little)....more

9 Ways To Piss Off A Contributor

Originally Published on Beyond Yor BlogBeyond Your Blog recently published an article called 14 Ways To Piss Off An Editor.  In it, we detailed several of the contributor behaviors that irritate editors.  Now, we’re giving bloggers a chance to share some of their pet peeves about websites they are contributing to....more

8 New Ways to Use Your Blog’s Newsletter

Is your blog's newsletter stuck in a rut? Are you looking to improve your open or click-through rates? Besides using it to promote new posts on your blog, there are lots of other things you can do with a newsletter to make it engaging and valuable for readers. Remember that it's important to have a good balance of self-promotion (your posts etc.) and other information that may be of interest to your readers. This will help build your brand and build the value of your newsletter, ensuring loyal readers going forward. ...more
I'm totally doing the survey idea! Thanks Susan!more

Quiz: Which Christmas Movie Mom Are You?

At this joyous time of year, many things are top of mind in terms of importance: Family, giving, and kindness to name a few. If you're a mom, you probably have a few other things on your mind like keeping Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on a repetitive loop, referee-ing fights over whose turn it is to do the advent calendar, and trying to volunteer to bring paper plates instead of tiny finger sandwiches to your child's preschool class party....more
Home Alone. Told my kids Santa wasn't real.more

8 Things to Do With Your Submission If It Gets Rejected

Anyone who has been submitting writing for any length of time has most likely gotten a rejection (or just never heard back) from a site they submitted to. I've had plenty! Don't get frustrated; the universe is just telling you it belongs somewhere else (or so I tell myself). Be sure to keep track of where you have submitted things to help you manage what to do with it if you get a rejection or no response. Here are some options for your rejected posts that may end up being even better than your original submission intent! ...more
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Footwear Road Kill – Origins and Implications

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensWhile I’ve never seen someone in the act of releasing their shoe into the wild, I’ve seen enough sneaker and boot remnants to know that it’s a real problem.  Every piece of footwear discarded along a roadside has a story to tell....more

14 Ways To Piss Off An Editor When Submitting Your Writing

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5 Sites That Pay For Posts

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From Anonymous Blogger to Best-Selling Author: Judy Rothman Rofé

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