Top 10 Lists for Pet Lovers

People love lists, especially women.  Top 10 movies, top 10 websites, top 10 everything.  So for all the pet lovers of the world, everyone at WebVet ( thought we do a little survey on pet-related "top 10s" including New Year's resolutions, presidential pets, Valentine's Day gifts for your beloved pe ...more

Have great fear of too much holiday cheer for your pet

The holidays are clearly a time of celebration, however, there are few things pet owners should be careful about when engaging in all the festivities.  While you may have an iron stomach, it's likely your dog doesn't.  Our tendency is to share all the turkey and trimmings with our pets and regardless of how much they seem to enjoy that little slice of turkey or the left over stuffing, it can cause gastroentestinal problems that can be damaging to your pet and your carpet.   ...more