Swimwear, Tunics & Rompers Oh My: Luxe Leisure

The GAP’s older, wiser, and more sophisticated sister Banana Republic is taking a page out of the top designers hand book by introducing a resort collection. What makes this capsule collection great, and unlike the designer lines is that it will be available and rotating designs year round. Continue Reading......more

i was a devoted banana republic merchandiser for 6 years (now @ the gap) and many of my ...more

Golden Globes Beauty: Christina Hendricks

Kasey writes: There was a lot more than just pretty dresses on this pass Sunday’s Golden Globes there was also some very beautiful faces, which literally weathered the storm....more

2010 Golden Globe Recap: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Even though it was a rainy night on the red carpet for the Golden Globe Awards last night, the stars tried to do their best to still shine. I must say that I only watched it for the red carpet and the fact that those lousy umbrellas where alllll in the way only made me want to turn....more