Bloggers discuss Captcha, petition Yahoo! for Better Solution

One thing every blogger can agree on is that spam sucks valuable time away from what actually needs to be done. One solution to this issue has been Captcha, which is one method for figuring out if a creator of an account is really human. But, the captchas actually lock out the visually impaired if not designed correctly. Apetitionhas been started to ask Yahoo! to make their site, and captchas, accessible to the visually impaired.I discuss this issue more at my blog. ...more

Blogging AGainst Disablism Day

BlogHer is so diverse, i thought I'd post about Blogging Against Disablism Day It wasn't my idea although I wish it was. Here's a little bit from the blogger who's coordinating it: ...more

Introduce myself? Sure, I can do that.

Hi Everyone, My name is Nickie, and I jus joined. I attend a private women's liberal arts college, so of course, I definitely believe in the power of women. I'm very excited to see where other wo ...more

I'm glad you like the blog. If you do decide to write about companion dogs or even if you don't ...more