A Full Moon, Marianne Williamson and the Politics of Change

I missed my blog last week - it was one of those weeks, you know what I mean?  We all have them. We question where we are and if this is the right path. Let me take you back a few steps to explain. I recently got back into radio/tv as a host. Prior to this, I was working as a producer and director for years (indie films and reality TV) which contrary to popular belief is NOT that glamorous or financialy rewarding). Getting back to where my natural gifts shine (as an on-air talent, reporter, news anchor, television and radio host) at my age scared the shit out of me....more

The Sagittarius New Moon-He's A Magic Man Momma!

Are you ready for it? What, you ask, well today, I say. Today's new moon in Sagittarius in particular will open so many new doors to transformation. This new moon is most likely the best one we will have for transformation possibilities all year! There are many reasons for that which I will get into in a few moments but first I want to explain how this next week can radically change some parts of yourself that you've been wanting to change for quite some time, and how women are changing the course of history....more
Andrew and i have been together Now! since April . Andrew always tells me how i am SO BEAUTIFUL ...more

An Ahh-mazingly Astrologically Grateful Thanksgivikkuh

Once I start something it's hard to let go of it, I've been that way since I was a child, I dive in with all the gusto I can muster, so to even think about taking the holiday off from The Pure Pollino show this week was a struggle to say the least. I resisted it, until I started getting ready to write my blog and looked at the astrological configurations for the week....more

The Full Moon, Food and Spirituality and You

Each week I do a radio/webcast show, right now they are split up, one on Astrology, the other on Food. When I was pitching this idea to my partner she immediately jumped on board, she brought her immense talents, enthusiasm and expertise and launched the programs alongside and continues on as Executive Producer.  What she immediately knew was this - this show - about two seemingly very different subjects was exactly the road that I should travel, and that road, we will pave together....more

Mercury Moves Forward and So Do We!

How are you feeling since that powerful eclipse on the 3rd? Are you ready for the changes to begin, or like me have they already begun. For me they started on the 3rd, when my job all of sudden starting pulling some not so cool moves, some of which were detailed in my last blog. They continued their shadiness until this weekend it was revealed to me what they were up to. I knew all along, for me the job was just that, a job....more

Eclipses = New Beginnings -This one is POWERFUL