Bikes On My Mind

Urban bicycling has been at the center of several conversations over the past few weeks.  As a lover of cycling, but only occasional cyclist, I have participated in each of these conversations with great interest.  Part of my fantasy life includes regular biking to work and to do errands.  My reality, however, is 35,000 miles added to my odometer each year because of my suburban New Jersey, working mother of 4 existence.  Don’t get me wrong.  I cherish the time I spend in the car with my kids, listening to their latest iTunes downloads, sharing a laugh over “Wait, W...more

Healthy Aging, Healthy Skin

As the days grow increasingly grey, I find that I feel uglier and older. Somehow, the change in light enables me to see the flaws in my face a bit more clearly (counterintuitive, I know). Also, my healthy living routine has gone off the rails a bit in the last month or two because of my schedule (a true reason, but really not a good enough reason). I have not been sleeping enough; I’ve been eating questionable foods on the go just to stop the tummy rumbling; and my exercise routine has gone flabby....more

Trust, Love, Hard Work: Farewell Steve Jobs

Millions of us paused in a moment of reflection and sadness yesterday when we heard the news of the death of Steve Jobs.  For me, there was almost a peace in that moment.  We’d known for years that his time on Earth was very limited so I didn’t find the news jarring.  Since then, I’ve reflected on the peace that comes when one succumbs to terminal illness (and excruciating grief, I’m certain for his loved ones) and on the impact he has had on the rest of us. ...more

God Bless Gilda Radner and My Mom

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  I really wonder if ovarian cancer would ever have made it on the cause-of-the-month hit parade, if it weren’t for Gilda Radner.  Sadly, she lost her battle with the disease in 1989.  Back then it seemed ludicrous that the “silent killer” could take the life of such an ebullient woman.  While her somewhat nasal, sharp voice was...more
@FarewellStranger Hooray for you and your mom and your family. I really think that my mother ...more

There’s No Time Like the Present . . .

unless you’re younger than 50.  I was intrigued and somewhat relieved to come across a blog post from called “Not Healthy Now?...more

What Do You Really Look Like?

Maybe the inspiration came from the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty" (very smart campaign; not sure why/how Dove dropped the ball on that one). I just discovered a website called My Body Gallery: What Real Women Look Like....more
What a neat concept? I think sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and it is easy to compare ...more

Mother Nature's Wrath: What Will You Do?

The weather on the East Coast is lousy today. It has been lousy for weeks (feels like months) now. I’m very tempted to hold a pity party as my efforts to enjoy the backyard are thwarted at every turn. Even the most heartless among us would let out a giant guffaw at my moaning about the weather in the Northeast. My heart breaks for the people of Joplin, MO and the victims of so many other tornadoes and flooding throughout the central United States. My husband wondered aloud this morning if the current spate of natural disasters were worse or more numerous than usual....more

Happy Mother's Day

Phew! It’s the day AFTER Mother’s Day. I made it another year - - but this year, I’m on top of the world. For me, Mother’s Day can be the most complicated day of the entire year. It certainly shouldn’t be because I’m truly blessed with four amazing children. They’re generally happy, healthy, well-behaved and good students. We live a comfortable lifestyle and never worry about having enough food or clothing. Still, telling someone that you love them and trying to demonstrate that love is very tricky business....more

Taking Inventory

We recently conducted a survey of over 600 women in our regional launch markets and asked them about their label reading habits. We discovered that most are fairly aware of the ingredients in the packaged foods they eat but only a minority of women are aware of the ingredients in their personal care products. If you’ve been following our Pure Talk vlogs, you may have seen Sharon Couto from ( talk about the inventory she took of the potentially harmful chemicals she applies to her skin each day as part of her skin care routine....more

When a Trip to the "Plumber" Makes You Really Think

You would think that my post about tampons would have satisfied any latent need I had for “oversharing”. Guess not. I just returned from my annual (well, sort of annual) trip to the gynecologist and have been deep in thought ever since. It’s seldom that regular check-ups rattle me. I’m quite healthy (thank God) and work fairly hard at keeping all of my systems in working order, so I usually expect little more than an “atta-girl” from the doctor or dentist (in fact, I love it when my dentist compliments me on my excellent home care - - weird, I know)....more