just a thought

if governments were created to insure the happiness of each individual then why do we have all of the inconsistances of today's global society...watching the documentary of Ayn Rand last night really spurred my interest of where we are really going...when I think of where we have been throughout history we are at the point of no return...we can either know that things will get better and do what we can each day and night to insure that things are better...or we can continue letting people get away with immaturity i.e....more

Christmas 2012

It felt like Christmas when I bought Ella's Christmas presents.  I hid them carefully in a place she never goes, although the neighbor kid obviously does and told her where they were.  I was bummed on Christmas eve for this but on Christmas Day she didn't even know about the bike, I seperated the gifts to see if she would notice.  I parked the new shiny light blue bike with pink argyle pattterns and white tires outside, all wrapped and waiting for Ella to notice.  She even took a shower after opening her other gifts and had not noticed yet.  So I say after she ...more

Dropping the baggage is in full effect!

The more I pray the more I realize how utterly unhappy I've been for so long now...  Wrapped in a relationship that is not working.... Hard to change all the things I want to change......more

true sight

true sight seeing through the veil...purity shines through...feeling is real...we must tell how we really feel....keeping frustrations bottled up is such a disservice to our soul.  Resolutions:  Cellular Evolution...Stabilization and connection of Heart and Mind...and able to keep this focus Daily. ...more

Maui Daze

Song I wrote for a good friend of mine who is awayBecame the best friend I was dreaming of. Fellow Sagittarian.His peacefulnessHis gentlenessHis Strong Presence I came to love.He helped me so, probably more than he knows.Talked openly about just everything or sat in silence using telepathy.Absorbing the energy.Find myself thinking of him.His playfulness and care he'll be right there. right there...more

Song I wrote from Maui Daze

During the Lunar EclipseThere were moonbows so beautifulWe had to get in the oceanSwim Swim you called as we dove in the passionate ocean.You called from behind me 'want to go back in'Gasping for breath, I say yes I say yes YES.We wait for the current to be just right, then swim again like mighty lions.Gripping the rocks as we make it to the shore 2 seconds or more would have been too late.I look over at boulders falling from your feet as boulders are falling from mine. Running up the e...more

Maui Daze

journal entry from May 07/04I feel like I'm peeling layers of all kinds of unnecessaries.  I love it.  Feels good and right.  Decided to relax about all the things that are unknown....more

Just can't help it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 finding balance for these emotions of which seem to play me like a very well tuned cello....It's ok to try things...it's ok to put yourself out there...it's ok to feel things...what gets me out of that tight grip from the roller coaster ride is doing things I love...like playing music...doing a drawing...writing a song...doing things that activate that joy....that creative spark that sets us off...makes us fly...I also love to be inspired by what others are doing....it's fun....more

If only to this screen these things must be talked of.....

Christa Briggs March 5, 2010 at 2:29am (Ella's father) this was a journal entry that I wrote last night that turned into a letter to you...if you have the time could be an interesting read or it might amuse you.March 5th 2:34amPaths opening before me like I've never dreamed. Opened my Gohonzon tonight, pegged it on the wall, have been chanting to Omamori for some months now. Physically feeling the vibrational shift. Undoing knots of thought and prevention. ...more

electric Air