Persistence Doesn't Have to Look Like Perfection

When I was in elementary school, as soon as something was boring, I'd stop. Just like that. Despite my teachers and my parents insisting that I was bright, I didn't believe them, because I always grew bored. I thought being bored meant being stupid, and because of that belief, I just stopped trying. I became a quitter. ...more
I totally agree with you about not quitting. Of course a novel after 15 years is better than no ...more

I'm Childfree by Choice and Have No Regrets

When I grew up, it was understood that I'd marry and have children. Yes, I could pursue a fabulous career, courtesy of the women’s movement. I could be a hard-charging executive as well as fecund earth mother. This was no longer the '50s, so I didn’t aspire to vacuum in pearls. In the '70s, we instead dreamed of having it all—and “all” included children. ...more
I agreed upon this article that being child free is a personal choice. Lot of people may judge ...more

Online Dating: I'm Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

When I was growing up, whenever there was an obligatory occasion like a wedding or a bar mitzvah, we'd all pile into the car and my father, God rest his soul, would say, "Let's get this good time over with." I've thought of that before each of the gazillion dates I've been on since I divorced five years ago (and I use the word “dates” very loosely). It's exactly the way I feel about meeting and greeting my potential Prince Charmings. ...more
Having just reported yet another fake profile yesterday---I grow increasingly annoyed that I ...more

A Letter to My Mirror

I first saw you in the mirror. I wasn't planning to see my reflection, so when I looked, unfiltered truth stared back at me. And there you were, the portent of Age: my drooping jowls. I hated you. The second time I saw you, I was more prepared. I looked you square in the ... I looked at you. I said, “I accept you. I welcome you. You and I have much in common. You are not my enemy.” Image: FranUlloa...more

Following Your Blogs & Social Media Streams Help Me Fight Cancer

All my friends are doing amazing things right now. Raising absurdly photogenic children. Taking blues cruises to the Caribbean. Making records. Producing TV spots narrated by Bradley Cooper. Having mimosas with brunch. I see it all on my newsfeed, and I’m fascinated and a little wistful. I’m also grateful. It’s probably destroying the very fabric of our culture, but I’m sure glad social media exists right now. I’m thankful I can browse my friends’ day-to-days, and soak up their great moments vicariously, because my life is on pause. ...more
you described my "life of pause" so accurately i almost cried...stage2c invasive situ....  hold ...more

Nobody Likes to Throw Up But I'm REALLY Afraid to Vomit

Look, everyone hates being sick, except for maybe that woman in “The Devil Wears Prada,” who said she was "one stomach flu away" from her goal weight. Oh, I wish I had her attitude. ...more
OMG!!! Thank you for this post. This is the story of my life. :( I've actually been delaying ...more

I Really Owe My Curly Hair an Apology

Dear Luisa's Hair, This is a letter of apology for all the terrible things I’ve done to you—starting when I was a teenager. I blame the beginning of my cruelty on "The Dick Van Dyke Show." I watched it on Nick at Nite and was entranced by Mary Tyler Moore’s smooth, perfect flip. You were kind of the opposite: super-curly and super-unruly. But I’d never had a problem with you before I laid eyes on Laura Petrie. Suddenly, I wanted my hair to look like hers. I started innocently enough, with rollers to flatten out the curl. Then I graduated to blowouts. ...more
Fabulous! It took me until my 20s to finally figure out why my (curly) bangs wouldn't hold hair ...more

I Didn't Have a Plan for My Life. I Had a Vision.

Ask any little girl what she thinks her life will be like when she grows up, and she’ll probably regale you with an epic monologue about being a rock star, horse doctor or robot designer. She may tell you how many guinea pigs and children she plans to have (all named after Taylor Swift and Harry Potter) and show you a sketch of the Princess Elsa­–inspired dress she’ll wear at her wedding. But ask her again what she thinks her life will be like at age 50, or even 40, and you’ll get a blank stare. Come on, does anyone ever imagine what their life will be like in middle age?...more
Not even close. But I'm kinda liking where I landed.more

My Messy Valentine's Day History

Valentine’s Day has a checkered history for me. Actually, it has a checkered history, period, so I try not to take it personally. It's a holiday named after a Roman priest who was beheaded by an Emperor named Claudius the Cruel, for crying out loud....more
Such a true and beautiful story about the search for love... sounds like with Ed, you finally ...more

Sleeping in Separate Beds Made Our Relationship Stronger

My husband and I sleep in separate beds three or four nights a week, due to conflicting bedtimes and waking schedules. When most people hear that, they assume (wrongly) that we've grown apart. The truth is that sometimes it has nothing to do with the relationship itself and everything to do with extenuating circumstances, like an insomniac writer who goes to bed at 2 a.m. that married a perfectly wonderful engineer who wakes up for work at 4 a.m. ...more
In Germany a king bed generally consists of two twin xl mattresses on a bed together, but with ...more