Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

I have spent the last few months…prioritizing. Weeding out. Facing realities ....more

How Neil Gaiman marked me forever

I have not, as a rule, been a huge fan of any author since I sent a letter to Beverly Cleary in 1989 and got a reply. ...more

Only a month late

I’m sorry, Max. Your birthday was over a month ago and I’m just now mentioning it on this chronicle of my thoughts. Which is not to say that I didn’t think of it ....more

Blank screens are depressing

Important things have passed. My oldest turned eleven on Friday. Sunday was Father’s Day ....more

Not forgotten

A week ago yesterday, my first baby girl turned nine. Normally I’m on top of this kind of stuff. And Ava, because you are my daughter, you will one day look back into the troves of Internet history, you will see that in 2013 I didn’t write a post about your birthday until over a week after your birthday. You will inevitably read into this many things – neglect, ill will, suppressed resentment. ...more

Seventy times seven – for my husband

Tomorrow is our anniversary. Seven years ago, we cut out of Ava’s second birthday, we drove the silver Expedition to Selmer, and we got married. I was nervous and I wasn’t. Looking back, I wish I’d worn something at least a little bit pretty as opposed to jeans and a potato sack of a blouse. ...more

On mothers, being and having

I'm thirty three years old and I've had a mother all of that time. Triumphant, yes? I love my mother. She has waded with me through waters that could have killed a boar. She's outlasted every friend I've ever had and hasn't blinked. I know I disappoint her. I know she wishes that instead of beer, liberalism, gay rights and swears I would devote my time to Jesus, Beth Moore, Billy Graham and being a Proverbs 31 woman ....more

Three years


Since we’re on the subject…

I wrote about the whole marriage equality thing. And really, my opinion hasn’t changed ....more

Thoughts on My First Comic Convention

I mean, according to the movies and high school and anything I ever learned from band camp, these are the punch lines, right? The nerds, the geeks, the people who don’t fit in. Except these people were amazing. They were real and colorful and…themselves. ...more
Welcome to Con going!  I, too, love the people watching and the inclusive nature.more