Alive and Well

2014 has gotten off to an interesting start in our house...We made it to Georgia and spent all of January cleaning up and repairing the mess our tenants made in our house....more

Merry Christmas and a Barf-free New Year!

We made it out of Arizona on December 7th and had an adventure driving 2800 miles across the country through snow and ice to Georgia and then Virginia. ...more

Seven is one

One year ago, Seven arrived.In the bathroom of our house in Arizona we welcomed our new baby girl. ...more

That crazy road tripping family

Before we get started on yet another of our crazy road trips, I had to share a few photos from our last trip a few weeks ago. ...more


New cuts for both girls! ...more

Cut short

Leila and Sarah woke up on Saturday morning with long hair. But by the end of the day, Sarah's hair looked like this... I'm not going to lie ....more

What not to do...

When moving, it's probably best not to go on vacation the week before your movers come...When on a road trip with small children, you might regret letting them have a snowball fight and traipse through the mud before piling back into the van...When hiking with a herd of children, it is probably not a good idea to hike into the bottom of a canyon on a narrow, steep trail with no railings...When driving through a narrow, winding, long tunnel in a somewhat over-sized vehicle, you might not want to let your husband drive while seven children excitedly scream in the back seat...When staying in a hotel, it certainly isn't wise to let four twins share a bed- even if they beg to do it and promise to go right to sleep...Well, we all know I like to do things I probably shouldn't because those things are usually the most fun. ...more

November already?!

I've been hearing people talk about fall and time changes and cool weather... and the holidays. ...more

This girl can move!

Seven is a wild child. ...more

Lighting a candle

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. ...more