Swiss cheese for brains & Bathroom etiquette

I have long maintained that I have Swiss cheese for brains. Some things stick, others float through the holes, lost forever. What sticks and what doesn't is often random and completely out of my control. For instance, I heard the trivia question the other day, "What was the name of the whale in the movie Pinnochio?" I knew the answer. Ask me where my keys are, and it's about a 70/30 chance I won't know. I cannot tell you how much of my life has been spent looking for keys. I promise it would be an embarrassing amount if I knew....more

The Morning Melee

My best friend is one of the kindest and most patient people you'll ever come across.  She's also loud mouthed and somewhat's an interesting mix :)  She keeps my children for me on a regular basis when I need a sitter, and will even ask for them to come over sometimes so they can play with her son.  We met while pregnant, so her son and my daughter are only a month apart in age, and have known each other their whole lives.  Despite being 4 years older, my son actually likes and plays well with both of them....more

Who gave the owl the bad rap?

I happen to like them.  Ever look at an owl?  Really look up close?  They have a birds of prey show at our local Renaissance Festival that my kids love to go to, and the owls fascinate me.  The huge silent wings, the perfectly round yellow eyes that just pierce you, the eerie hoot....they are gorgeous and captivating.   ...more

Getting Started

Having run across a blog that I really enjoyed from a woman my age and similar lifestyle, I thought I might try my hand.  Why not?  I have a fairly interesting life, pithy commentary, and a desire to share it with complete strangers....perfect fit right? ...more

I wanted to mention that my children are my first priority, even though I no longer live with ...more