Praise at work

I had my quarterly review at my main job last week, and it went extremely well. Our quarterly bonuses are now based on performance, and the top bonus anyone could get was 96 percent, due to the crummy economy. I qualified to get 95 percent, almost the max. Last quarter, I only got 75 out of 100 percent, so it's a significant improvement. I've made a concerted effort to tailor my work to the bonus criteria, making myself more visible, taking on more leadership, being more engaged, etc. And it's paid off... ...more

Under stress

Well, things haven't been going the greatest for me lately. First, my father died on Oct. 30 (had cancer). So I've been battling depressions related to that. And now I'm facing a major financial mess. Back in June, I sold my house short, and I was led to believe that the bulk of my debt would be forgiven. But now the bank (Chase) is coming after me saying I owe them $70,000! I've hired a lawyer, and we might go after the Realtors for negligence in not getting the debt forgiveness in writing. I sure hope I don't end up having to pay all that money!! ...more

Special day

Oct. 16 was the fourth anniversary of my kitty moving in with me. I'm so glad he did. I'm trying the Hollywood cookie diet. Four cookies for breakfast and lunch. I'm OK at breakfast, but I need something else light at or soon after lunch. So I guess the diet half-works. Better than not at all. I'm also trying Dexatrim to see if it actually works. So far, it really seems to be curbing my appetite. Unless it is just a placebo effect. ...more

Pen pals

I'm writing to soldiers again (I had adopted a soldier awhile back but gave it up because it got too costly). I found some groups that don't make you send care packages, which I can't afford. Just letters. Gives me a good reason to use my cool new stationery... ...more

Having fun in San Diego

I'm visiting some friends in San Diego, and having a blast so far. Last night we went to a club downtown to see a good '80s cover band, and I wasn't driving so I could get good and drunk (but not drunk enough to have a hangover - yay). This weekend we are also going to the Wild Animal Park and a winery. So it will be a full weekend, and one I don't want to end. ...more

Curiouser and curiouser

Well, the NY situation is getting even stranger. He doesn't appear to be receiving the displeased e-mails I have been sending. He has been e-mailing me all happy and sunshine and light, telling me to have a good day, etc. (And he was disappointed that I wasn't online to chat with last night - ha!) I tried sending a test message from the e-mail address I had been using, and it worked fine. So maybe there is a problem on his end. We'll see if he gets the message I sent from a different e-mail address, just in case. If he's not getting his messages, too bad. ...more


The NY guy is letting me down. He didn’t show up for a prearranged online chat last night. No explanation. So I don’t think he and I are compatible - I need someone I can count on to keep his promises. I think I’m going to just ixnay the whole dating thing and concentrate on my cat. At least he is reliable. ...more

More about great guy

I'm not sure how my folks would feel about Mr. New York, since he's black (and my parents are older and have some old-fashioned ideas... not that that excuses it) and fifty-two. I always attract older guys - when I was in my twenties I attracted guys in their forties, and now in my thirties I attract guys in their fifties. He also wants kids and I really don't, but if he's otherwise the perfect person I would make the sacrifice to have kids if he felt strongly enough about it... ...more

Met a great guy

I met a guy online I really like. He is in New York now but moving here soon. He is very handsome and well-spoken. I feel a definite spark. Meanwhile, I told another nice guy I went out with a couple times that although I like him, I don't feel that romantic passion. Too bad... ...more

Dating trials and tribulations

A guy I met online came over Friday night for swimming but turned out to be a loser. At first, things were going well. He told me he was more comfortable with me than he'd ever been with any other woman, etc. But at the end of the night, things took a negative turn. He is far more into the physical side of a relationship than I am, at least early on - it takes me a while to develop the comfort level and trust needed for that stuff. So he ridiculed me, saying no man would accept my "old-school" attitude. ...more