Almost six...

Good intentions, good company.

I have had all good intentions in 2013 and so far this year is turning out to be very good. As you know I started a diet regiement (which is working very well for me) and running a couch to 5K program. Both are working very well for me and I am happily fitting into.. ....more

17 days later...

I finished the first cycle of the 17 day diet yesterday. I had some good results after just five days of being on the diet. I lost 1.5kgs even cheating once on the fourth day which I warn anyone doing this diet is supposed to be the hard day because your body is really craving.. ....more

17 jours...

I think this is the first year since I've had this blog that I haven't written about my New Year's resolution. I just decided that I wouldn't pick one. Instead one kind just found it's way to me. Weeks ago, friends and I were chatting via Facebook about joining a virtual boot camp to get.. ....more

It's a new year...

and I'm sick. What a great way to ring in 2013. We had a pretty mellow evening with friends and our kids. Ate a lot and slept in the next day. The rest of 2013 has been spent in our PJs and hibernating during the last days of the vacances scolaires before going back to.. ....more

One of 600

I was up late night and caught an article come across on the Huffington Post about a sweet knitting related initative to make 600 monsters for the students at Sandy Hook elementary school. Since I couldn't sleep I jumped on Ravelry to search for the group that started this idea. I absolutely love the knitting.. ....more

Not coming back

After what happened to the kids in Sandy Hook, CT, I have been very introspective in general. I catch myself watching my kids doing the most mundane things like putting on their socks and even standing back and watching them bicker before stepping in. I keep thinking about those parents who lost so much that.. ....more

Three year olds party it up

Alixe's birthday party last week was really fun. We kept it pretty low key and incorporated all the things she loves these days. Alixe is into princesses, trains and coloring. We had her party at L'OisiveThé on a saturday morning before the tea house opened for business. I prepared chocolate cupcakes for her with just.. ....more

Alixe, my almost three year old...

I can't believe that Alixe is going to turn three on Saturday. The last three years have gone by so fast in comparision to Maximilien's first years. What a joy Alixe has become as she grew out of her toddler years and now she is a mini school girl. In Petite Section this year she.. ....more

Solitary Mama

One this that has always struck me hard since I moved to Paris is the sometimes overwhelming feeling of lonliness. I don't know what it is about this city but I often find myself feeling very alone. Nowadays, there are always people around me. I spend everyday working at the tea house surrounded my customers.. ....more