My 100th post! "The One Where I Ovulate"

OK, first of all, this isn't the "post when I ovulate," like, I am not ovulating RIGHT NOW. This is the story of when I ovulated, which actually happened last week. I am about to share with you more information than I am sure you EVER wanted to know, so if you are squeamish about women's "business," such as reproduction, menstruation and fertile bodily fluids, then I suggest that you move on to your next destination, cause this post is for MY SISTAS! ...more


 I thought your story was hilarious, absolutely loved it!   I've been where you ...more

My Little Girl, My Life

I thought I would switch gears a bit today and write about something a little more serious, a little more poignant and a lot closer to my heart. My daughter. ...more

Blood, Sweat and Sacrifices

I ate lunch with my daughter the other afternoon--not an unusual occurrence. We had chicken and wild rice soup, and I found myself eating only the things I knew my daughter didn't like so that she would have plenty of desirable morsels to eat. I wasn't doing this consciously, that was the strangest part; it was ingrained in me, somehow, to put my appetite second. ...more

I Stress; Therefore I'm FAT

I stress eat. Anyone else in this awful little boat with me? You know, the one that throws you around in the raging sea of your hunger until you give in, jump into the water and eat yourself into a food coma? Yeah, that's the one I'm in too. And it ain't no pleasure cruise, let me tell you. ...more

The One Where I Change My Mind

Three's company anyone? No, not the hilarious "original" 70's show that I loved to watch as a kid (even though I was naively unaware of the premise behind it), but the age-old question. Is three good company or a crowd? This is a question that I may be finding the answer to, although I was pretty sure yesterday that I knew that two was the better number. We all know that one is the loneliest number, and then again, two can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one. Now that I have you all properly ...more

Do Not Try This At Home

OK, I promised all of you something more substantial to feast your little minds on, so today I am going to share with you my experience of LIVING WITH MY IN-LAWS. Mind you, this story is not for the weak of heart or stomach and if you are prone to anxiety attacks, you might want to navigate away from this page and find something about rainbows and kitty cats. I would also like to say, for liability issues, that I do not endorse or condone living with your in-laws for any extended period of time, so please DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! ...more

The Definition of Death

Today was not a good day. The main reason for this is that my beautiful, cherished kitty cat of 19 years, "Bogie,"died last night. My mother called me this morning to give me the sad news. She was crying, and described to me that she found her curled up on a towel in her bedroom as she got out of the shower. She was still and peaceful, and she just knew. She picked up her lifeless body and put her on the bed and sat with her in silence for a while before bringing her up to break the news to my father. My heart is aching, yet I am so glad that she ...more

Something's Missing...

It's not my car keys...and my cell phone is right here...what is it? Oh yeah--my KIDS! ...more

My daughter goes to spend one night a week (overnight) with her father. I'm used to this in ...more

My Butt Isn't Getting Any Smaller

I did not work out today. Just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. It has probably been at least a month since I did, something I am not proud to admit. I have had very good intentions of working out, really I have. I swear. It's just (turns on whiny voice) so haaaaaard. I am finding it extremely difficult to motivate myself to find even 30 minutes during the day in which to get my butt moving to burn some calories. This, in my opinion, is pathetic. I should be able to squeeze in 30 minutes, shouldn't I? But I just keep ...more

I will often have a glass of wine with dinner or at least while it is being prepared (the ...more

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Fairest Mommy of Them All?

Vices. We all have 'em. Renee over at Cutie Booty Cakes wrote a post about vices that inspired me to look deep down (real deep, let me tell you) and discover what my worst vice is. I have discovered it and it is that (OK, deep breath) I AM VAIN. Well, at least that is what I thought at first. Then I looked up the definition of vanity:  vain adj. vain-er, vain-est 1. Not yielding the desired outcome; fruitless: a vain attempt. ...more