National Zoo's Panda Cub, Bei Bei

As a long time resident of the Washington metropolitan area, I have noted the local media coverage of "Baby Panda Watch" events at the National Zoo. Is she pregnant? Did the baby survive?Over the years, the "Watch" has mostly disappointed, however this was not the case on August 22, 2015 when Bei Bei, the male panda cub at the National Zoo was born.Bei Bei made his first public appearance on January 16, 2016, however I did little more than smile when noticing news items about him. He certainly was cute....more

passing tennis

It's tennis season and I am hooked. Before I became a self employed software consultant-- professional tennis and Washington Redskins football were two of my favorite sports to watch.That said-- much of my extracurricular television viewing was curtailed by my move to self employment. Today, rather than watching television-- a muted television with either a news, government or business offering is staring at me as I work on one of my many projects....more

Computing Buying Trends- Informal Survey

What are you purchasing these days insofar as computing hardware?TabletsNotebooksNetbooksSmart PhonesDesktopsWhat are you using to connect [i.e., notebook, netbook, tablet, smart phone] and what are you using for productivity [i.e., netbook, notebook, desktop]?...more

Is an Elliptical Right For Me?

I have owned treadmills for many years and after the last malfunctioned in November, decided it was time to look at other options. Of course an elliptical was the natural option to research. A big concern? Whether an elliptical would add extra curves where I did not want them. I am 5'6" and have a goal weight of 120 lbs. I am top curvy and do not want muscle tone to add to my curves. Especially not in the derriere or upper thighs....more

I found a great set of videos explaining how to tone different areas [buttocks, hamstrings and ...more

Thingamablog, Put Simply "Tech Savvy"

Tech savvy bloggers will love this cute little application that is unlike no other I have come across. Even its name is cute-- Thingamablog. Its purpose? Blogger::Write, Edit offline; Click a button-- to publish. And yes, it is that simple. What makes Thingamablog different from other applications?...more

Somehow clobbered the Thingamablog link throughout the article-- more

Blog Ranking Data

Hi Bloggers-- I developed a tool to quickly render blog ranking and tracking information as provided by Technorati. Give it a try -- Blog Info. More information about the tool -- here. ...more

MovableType Blogger Calendar Demo

Integrated a Blogger Calendar for my movabletype blog... See demo here. Q... ...more

Did you see these?

For those of us who were unable to attend the BlogHer '06 conference-- these pictures are a treat... BlogHer Fashion Highlights ...more


Hi -- I am a software consultant -- my online alias is Q... and I hope to learn a lot about your blogging experiences. BTW: I made a mistake in the bio area. Is there away for users to correct that portion of their profile? ...more

I also checked out your blog. It's so easy to navigate and there's so many comprehensive ...more