We Need to Have a Frank National Conversation about War

I think we need to have a candid conversation about America and war.  For example: ...more

That's My Mom!

From the always entertaining “Comically Inane Things to Say to the Mother of Three Boys” file:  “You really need to buy some new dishes.”  And that would be why?  So that the four careful and tender-fingered males in the palace can nick and chip them to match the few intact Pottery Barn pieces that are clinging to survival in my cupboard?  I could purchase lovely new china, but it might make the dish towels that my husband used to dry the car feel shabby in comparison.  Not to mention the pot holders that I noticed tonight have something like Play-Doh stuck to ...more

If Sarah Palin Weren't a Conservative

The Queens would hate her. She’s the kind of woman who makes the rest of us look bad. Beautiful (as someone on The Corner put it, she has that naughty librarian thing going.) Great hair (although she will need a different do for the national scene). She even looks sexy in glasses. And she is a guy’s gal. Hunts, fishes, rides large all-terrain vehicles, knows where to put the bullets in a gun, probably drinks Bud (and not Light, either). Still looks great in a skirt (have we ever SEEN Hillary in a skirt?) and is a natural with the kids. ...more

Okay, look.  I've already defended Palin against personal attacks that aren't related to ...more

Palin Is Equally, If Not MORE, Qualified Than Obama

I am never surprised when men act condescending toward women.  I was going to say I AM a little flummoxed when women act that way, but then I thought about it, and I changed my mind.  I am not at all amazed at the hypocrisy of liberal women.  ...more

I read these 2 posts yesterday and they really apply here.


Wondering If I Can Do Something Else

About a year ago, I had a sort of existential crisis, wondering how I got where I am.  What happened?  I had imagined I'd be living in Manhattan, doing some sort of crazy-important work, traveling...I had a few good conversations with a therapist I've seen over the years (actually, the entire family has now been to see him...I imagine he could write quite a case history).  He pointed out that I must be right where I want to be, because...here I am.  I think his point was that we make the best decisions we can along the way--and the decisions we make reflect our desires at the time we ma ...more

We Need to Rethink Our Priorities

The killers at Gitmo are treated better than American citizens held before trial in our jails.  Dennis Miller interviewed the JAG major yesterday who has written a book about the military tribunals (sorry, can’t remember her last name).  She described complaints by human rights organizations about the mistreated prisoners deserving more Skittles and softer soccr balls, while they enjoy twelve hours of liberty every day to sit in the sun, lift weights, play soccer or, I suppose, practice their feces throwing.  Meanwhile here in our lovely county, accused but unconvict ...more

Wait! Come Back! We Didn't Mean It!

Come back!  We were just kidding!  We don’t hate you, really!  So will come the supplications from the once-proud democracies of Europe.  Turns out America as the world’s lone superpower might not be so bad after all.  As Russian fascism re-emerges, transmogrified into what one might euphemistically call a “Corporate State,” and China’s leaders show no signs of taking their boots off of their citizens’ faces, the brave soldiers for democracy of the traditional European states are ready once again to hide behind America’s broad back.  Of course, the nasc ...more

Men are SO Easy

Shooting fish in a barrel.  Piece of cake.  Falling off a log.  Easy as pie.  Men are just phenomenally easy to keep happy and exponentially simpler emotionally than women.  At least heterosexual Western men.  And I gained some insight into the whole pornography thing.  After quizzing a random sampling of men (ok, I did NOT ask any male strangers about porn), I was more than a little astonished to find that the primary impulse in viewing porn is the idea of a woman excited about having sex and then enjoying the experience.  No matter that pixels on a screen or in a ...more



Does "Everybody" Do It?

Or at least, “every man does it.”  Or do they?  The topic is pornography, especially internet pornography of a particularly anatomicallly graphic nature.  Discuss amongst yourselves.  Seriously.  ...more

Help! He's driving me crazy!

I am at the end of my rope. My husband seems so unhappy--with me (that is long-standing), with the kids, with his job. He is always unpleasant, lecturing, complaining. I can't stand to be around him, which further increases his unhappiness with me. He won't go to talk to someone, and marital counseling ended when he announced that it was useless because I was never going to give him what he wants. Money is tight, and that is bothering him, but we aren't going to become homeless or go hungry. ...more