Bonne Nuit 2013

Well 2013, it's come to this. Just a few hours left until the clock hits midnight and you'll be nothing but a distant memory. To be honest, I'm kind of relieved to see you go ....more

Christmastime is Here

If there was any question about the holidays being here, it was most definitely answered this week. You know Christmastime is here when suddenly it's Friday afternoon and the last thing you remember is listening to The Splendid Table on Sunday morning. Instead of calling the week that's been a mess/disaster/other negative term that I'm apt to use, I'm instead taking the week at face value: a lovely week of family and Christmas preparations and maybe not so much getting work done ....more

Christmas is Coming Flash Sale

With any luck now, your Christmas shopping is down to a few last minute stocking stuffers and hostess gifts. Around here, the wrapped presents are slowly accumulating in a corner of the backroom and I'm just waiting for a few more packages to arrive. I'm feeling pretty good about things.If you're someone who needs a deadline to really get going on any project, be it Christmas shopping or anything else, here's a deadline for you ....more

Preparing to be EXTRA Festive

Has anyone else heard Mariah Carey's EXTRA Festive version of "All I Want For Christmas is You?" Apparently, it's been around since 2010, but my friend Sarah and I just noticed it on our Pandora feeds with this year's batch of Christmas stations and there has been much LOLing go on around here about what the heck "EXTRA festive" means.I have to admit that Mariah Carey's Christmas album (the NON-festive version, "Merry Christmas" from 1994) is the only pop Christmas album that I really truly (embarrassingly) enjoy. For the most part, the pop music industry tends to strike out pretty spectacularly during the holiday season. I mean, there are only so many pitchy versions of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" or "Blue Christmas," one can endure and the "original" Christmas songs on the top 40 stations tend be even more shades of awful ....more

Advent of the Snowmobile

The years of dreaming and scheming are over. On Wednesday, Andy and I went into town to collect Andy's brand new snowmobile. Here it is, a Ski-Doo 2014Skandic WT 600., I think ....more

Snow and a Warm Beverage

So, did y'all hear that we're slated to get as much as 25 inches of snow up here by Wednesday night? Isn't that exciting?!? Who doesn't LOVE snow?! ...more

Thanks Giving and Snow

For the last couple years, Thanksgiving has marked the beginning of winter in these woods.It's an odd little coincidence. Last year saw us driving home for Thanksgiving festivities in a sloppy snowstorm; this Thanksgiving morning we woke up to 3 inches of fresh, fluffy snow. I guess it's kind of pretty.The lake (the part we can see at least) iced over the day before Thanksgiving ....more

Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

At last, we can turn up the holiday tunes, pull out the Christmas ornaments and settle in for a month or so of Yuletide spirit. You know what that means - time to pull out the naughty and nice list and start that holiday shopping. All weekend long, you can enjoy free shipping at my Etsy shop...more

A Stitch in Time

Sunday evening came. Sunday evening went, deer season ended and yet, there is no deer hanging in the shed. For the first time in four years, Andy did not get a deer this season ....more

The Work From Home Shift

Blogger ate my Monday post. Here it is now. Alternative post title: If it takes me 6 hours to knit a mitten ....more