Warts and all

We are all walking around with untold stories, aspects about ourselves we keep hidden. We have longings that are never shared, acts that perhaps no one knows but ourselves. We are brought up learning right from wrong, and wrong is not acceptable, not when it refers to a moral compass ....more

Fancy Nancy


We are all made of stars.

In this life I am surrounded by death. We all know, in an esoteric way, or maybe in an in-your-face way, that death is ever present; that everything born starts to navigate itself back to the waters of death. Renewal, vibrancy, bold goodbyes and death, such are the seasons of our Earth ....more

This is the day

My heart used to ache on this day. This is the day that my father died. This is the day that I received the horrifying call from my sister that I needed to come home, that dad was dead ....more

Being gentle.

I just went through an emotional ringer. At the risk of sounding a bit vulnerable I will tell you that I spent Saturday curled up in a ball on my bed, headphones on, and I cried and cried, just like a baby. I'd let the music take me away, then come up for air ....more

I'll light the fire, you put the flowers in the vase that you bought today.

We won't always live here, this little house in our urban neighborhood. One day this furniture that we have rearranged a million times will furnish somewhere else. These hard wood floors, with all their creaks and stains and beauty will one day be trampled by feet that aren't our own ....more


The tree in front of my house is blazing red. It's magnificent. To transform like that, from a bare bones, to a deep, lively green, to that bold red...it's elegant and stunning ....more

In connecting...

I'm breathing today, actual breaths in my actual lungs which is actually rising and falling and this is my own miracle. There are moments in life when the poignancy of this sits on your lap with your face between her hands and the everlasting truth of this ever present moment is suddenly the shiniest star you've ever seen. We walk through this world with our heart lights shining like beacons, ...more

Tug, tug, miss.

Us humans are funny. We are so different from our ancestors. We don't stay and settle roots (though some do, yes) ....more

A letter written before his death

I want to tell you about my friend Daniel Rhoda. What I fully understand in writing this is that my experience of Daniel Rhoda was purely my own, that it is but a snapshot in the amount of life and love that he was a part of. But in my snapshot is an 11 year old boy asking an awkward and poorly understood 11 year old girl to dance when no one else would ....more