In real life I spazzed out, lost stuff, ate stuff, drank stuff, got free stuff, made new friends, held and did not drop a baby,

Blogher did not disappoint  (me), but it may have been a huge disappointment to my Facebook friends subjected to the constant barrage of #blogher tweets that pushed to my page. I’m surprised if any of them are still getting updates from me. But, I’m okay with that (not really, please unblock me from your friend feed).  I found a world where I am not strange, (maybe weird, but not strange) where I was surrounded by others as obsessed with their blogs as I am mine and where we could all be “twits” as my dad likes to hardy har har. ...more

Second Wedding Guest List Protocall

Last night I asked my mom if she could provide a guest list of any family friends she would like to invite to the wedding. I already have a very short list of those people in my head, but I assumed there would be people she would want to invite in addition to that list. Her response: “Not to offend you, but quite frankly, I’m a little hesitant to ask our friends…” (She trailed off because she was breaking up due to a bad signal. It was ok. I had heard enough.) Well, later I got to thinking about it. Offense kind of taken. ...more
I have a young male relative who'll be getting married for the 2nd time this spring. He's not ...more

Looking for fun roomie for hotel - can provide references!

I have the reservation -- just looking for someone fun to share the room and cost with. I'm a single gal from KC (Why is this sounding like a bad dating site ad?) who is attending her first Blogher. I'm quirky - Can provide references from my real life roommate who didn't know me before we MOVED in together. :) As well as a former roommate.       ...more

The house guest

So I knew it would happen. It was inevitable. It is one of the rights of passage of a divorce that goes right along with moving out, signing icky legal documents, sleeping in your bed alone etc…. The first spider. And it’s a doozy. Drying my hair this morning, I look up and see a spider so large I think it has its own shadow. And it’s high up toward the ceiling. Great. Maybe it will just wander it’s way out the window. ...more

(Not) Catching the Bouquet

The boyfriend and I went to a wedding yesterday. Actually, I had two handsome dates because the boyfriend’s roommate went with us. (I heart the boyfriend’s roommate.) It was a sweet wedding. You could totally tell the couple was meant for each other. And, as I was sitting there in my pew watching the ceremony, clutching the boyfriend’s hand, squeezing it at appropriate times, wiping away tears (I always cry at weddings), I realized it was also the first wedding I had attended since ending, or even planning to end my own marriage.  ...more


As posted on my blog on February 27 -- What do you pack when you leave your husband? It’s a question I asked myself one year ago today. Well, you pack pajama’s and work clothes. (Because you have grand illusions of not falling apart and having to leave the office.) Today, more than any other day, I mark as the date my marriage ended.(although it wasn’t “official” until June).  I could have picked a number of other dates that followed  -because after February 27, the cards fell like dominoes. The day I found out about her  (March 4) ...more