Summer Jobs for Teens in Staten Island 2015

Teens over 14 by July 1st can apply to work in the...more

Learn to Make Pizzaria Unos Deep Dish Pizza

If you like deep dish pizza, this might be for you! ...more

RIP Little Jimmy

I met Little Jimmy over 20+ years ago when I was a teenager. ...more

To My Dyker Heights Neighbor with the Unsecured Gun

Dear Neighbor, I don’t necessarily write this letter to you because I know your type and I know that you don’t listen to anyone. It’s common sense to lock up your gun so your son doesn’t shoot his sister. It’s even the law, but the law isn’t for you – it’s just for the other [...] The post To My Dyker Heights Neighbor with the Unsecured Gun appeared first on ....more

Happy Anniversary!

It’s our anniversary today – a big anniversary too. I just wanted to take a moment and thank God for the man who makes every day better by always making me laugh. ...more

Old Students

I ran into an old student today who blessed me with the kindest words that a teacher could hear....more

What I Realized Today

I went to my basement to get a picture I stored there and it was gone. ...more

Dyker Heights Civic Association – Is It Civil?

The best thing about Brooklyn is it’s people. When we bought our home in Bay Ridge, my new neighbors wasted no time welcoming my family here. Come came over and introduced themselves, offered phone numbers, advice and even invited use over for homemade food when they saw we painted all day ....more

Senator Golden Sells Out Brooklyn Again!

The residents in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn have complained about the damage being done to their community due to the the homes being used in a different capacity then they were intended. The Brooklyn HPA (Housing Preservation Alliance) was formed for to educate and inform the public about the local housing issues. Recently they held a [...] The post Senator Golden Sells Out Brooklyn Again! ...more

Assemblyman James Tedisco Takes the Easy Way Out Proposing a Bill When One Isn’t Needed

Currently parents in NYS can decline standardized tests for their children....more