When Cutting Family Ties Becomes a Gift

Blood is thicker than waterSome say, “Blood is thicker than water.” Yes, blood is thicker than water, but so is mud. Cutting family ties may seem drastic to some. Many would discourage such an act because most believe family is most important. However, sometimes severing those ties are the healthiest and most spiritually freeing act....more

Angel Hair Pasta is HISTORY! Introducing Spaghetti Squash Capelli d’Angelo

I LOVE pasta, especially angel hair pasta with olive oil, fresh basil, and sun-dried tomatoes. However, the carbs are my waistline’s nemesis. I have been searching for a tasty, yet healthy replacement. I have heard so much about spaghetti squash; but I was afraid it would taste weird. I finally challenged my fears. I made my favorite dish, Capelli d’Angelo and was surprised how delicious the dish was. Not only is it very nutritious, to be 100% wrong.  If you were skeptical as I was, try this recipe. You won’t regret it!Capelli d’Angelo with Spaghetti Squash ...more

Oriana Ferrell Almost Gets Her Children Shot

Oriana Ferrell Almost Gets Her Children Shot ...more
Black or white she should not have ran...if I had a bunch of people jumping out of the car on ...more

Veterans Day Reflection

Veterans Day Reflection ...more

5 Sure Fire Ways to Conquer Holiday Loneliness

Conquering Holiday Loneliness ...more

Clarissa's Berry Winter Smoothie Puree

This year was the beginning of my personal commitment to eat and live healthier. My favorite foods are fresh fruit, especially berries. However, being single I found I was wasting many of my organically grown berries. They would go bad quickly. Plus, living in an apartment with an apartment-size refrigerator didn’t make it easy to freeze my fresh fruit. So, I came up with a great idea: puree my berries and store in mason jars until I was ready to use them....more

I Am An Artist At 50

I vividly recall my seventh grade teacher telling me that I was not cut out to be an artist. She told me that I was terrible at drawing perfect geometrical objects and coloring within the lines. I had always wanted to be an artist. My mother was such a wonderful artist and I watched her create some of the most beautiful art pieces I had ever seen. I wanted so much to be like my mother and becoming an artist was my dream. However, when I was discouraged by my middle school teacher, I never again picked up a crayon or paint brush for the next 36 years....more
This is beautiful, and I am reposting it on our Facebook page.more

Surviving PTSD: Women Veterans and Non-Combative Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Combative/Non-Combative: PTSD is PTSDThe vicious attack replays like a weekend, horror movie marathon.  Night sweats, talking while asleep, and tossing and turning are signs of severe trauma.  Many active duty and veteran military personnel suffer from PTSD.  The impact of PTSD on women military personnel and veterans is being addressed. According to Womenshealth.gov,...more

DYI Self-Watering Bottles

DYI Self-Watering Bottles...more

Cher Smith – Yes, Black Women Deserve Better!

In 2008, I was introduced to a wonderful blogger, Cher Smith. The timing was perfect as I had left a horrible relationship. My relationship pattern had been toxic due to not knowing how to choose a good partner. I’m unsure how I was introduced to Cher; but I found myself a member of her Facebook group, Black Women Deserve Better....more