I Yelled at a Stranger's Kid on Vacation

On the heels of Marcy's Diner owner Darla Neugebauer's outburst toward a toddler who had been crying for 40 minutes, I've been brought back to my own story of yelling at a stranger's child. However, when I went to link my story in a comment string, I was reminded that BlogHer editors took it upon themselves to replace the image of a child at a pool that I originally chose for my story. You see, I intentionally did not indicate the race of the child in my story....more
I know we are all different, that is what makes the world amazing.  My opinion, NEVER EVER ...more

Look-alike Valentino pumps cause a major shoe-gasm at DSW

I love a good shoe as much as the next woman. As a matter of fact, when Barneys New York had its final seasonal clearance before closing its Dallas store, I couldn’t decide between a pair of Louboutin and Pierre Hardy heels…. So I bought them both. I’ve since tempered my tastes for couture footwear by finding awesome look-alikes, and that’s exactly what happened to my best friend Dawn a few weeks ago. She’s been hopelessly in love with a pair of pointy-toe, Valentino bow pumps but alas, she has a family and responsibilities and couldn’t justify spending $800 on a single pair of shoes....more

Your Ex's Time With the Kids is Your Time to Take Back Your Identity

When I stumbled across “Why I Cry in My Car Every Wednesday at 6:45am” by Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D., my first thought was that she was headed to a job she hated. But then I learned her devastation was caused by honoring a shared custody agreement. I was indignant, angry even, that she would catch a case of the boo-hoo-hoo’s because her girls were headed to daddy’s house for a few days. Many women, myself included, don’t have the luxury of a healthy co-parenting relationship....more
LNapolitanoPsyD  I definitely understand and that's why I tried not to only look at your ...more

5 Travel Resolutions to Keep This Year

Right about now your social media timeline is filling up with reflections on the past year, Statigr.am videos, optimism about the year to come, and of course, New Year's resolutions. In recent years I haven't been one to make big resolutions at the onset of a new year. I've found that subtle changes seem to work best for me. But that doesn't mean that I don't set goals in place. Rather than setting broad, sweeping goals, why not approach them in a more specific manner? In addition to getting in shape and quitting vices, many people resolve to travel more. Great!...more

Dodge the hurdles on the path to fitness