9 organizational tools to improve your productivity and support your resolutions.

I’m writing this on the first of January. Visions of self-improvement and positive change are dancing in my head. Right now, it seems we’re all setting new goals, making new promises to ourselves, devising new plans of action – in short making New Year’s Resolutions, though some of us avoid using that term. Even if we reject the cultural zeitgeist, January’s dark and closed-in nature lends itself to consideration of entirely new ideas, and recommitment to ideals we’ve held for decades....more

I'm going to need a new tagline.

My first task, when I decided it was time to take myself seriously as a writer by beginning to build my platform, was crafting my tagline:Finessing Bipolarity. Writing horror. Studying ghosts. All without forgetting to feed the chickens.That line is attached to every profile, on every social media site I have. I love that line. Especially the part about the chickens. I imagined, when I penned it, that I would always have at least a couple of hens tucked away in the backyard.Life is full of surprises....more

Am I a good social media user, or a creepy stalker?

I'm a little weirded out. See, there's this guy. A writer. A good writer. And he's about six steps ahead of me at all times. I feel like I'm accidentally following him wherever he goes. I wouldn't blame him for worrying he'd picked up a stalker in me.(Do you think I'm stalking you Hunter?)...more