7 Helpful Tips If You Got Engaged This Holiday Season

Did you get engaged over the holidays? How wonderful, exciting, and romantic for you, and I’m sure you are reveling in each happy moment. But in the back of your mind you are thinking, “Yikes, what do I do first?” ...more
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Fabulous wedding venues and locations!

I have been very fortunate in the last few years to marry couples in wonderful venues! What a delight it is to experience the wedding venues people choose, the imagination that goes into some of their selections, and the fun that we all have! Since your wedding day is a day you will remember for the rest of your life, choosing a place that is near and dear to your heart is vitally important. Whether it be a church, a synagogue, a garden, the beach, or a mountain top, it should reflect your personalities, your comfort level, and your dreams!...more
What you do looks really fun and very rewarding! Thanks for the nice article - makes me think of ...more

What is the “Chuppah” in a Jewish Wedding Ceremony?

The beautiful and unique “chuppah,” from the Hebrew word, חוּפָּה, is one of the most recognizable parts of a Jewish wedding ceremony. The chuppah symbolizes the new home that the couple will share as husband and wife, and consists of a canopy attached to four poles which are either stationary or held by chuppah bearers. This canopy is often gorgeous, made of beautifully colored velvet, lace, tulle, or even silk....more

Getting Married? How to Find an Interfaith Officiant

    You have made the big decision - you are getting married!  You come from different backgrounds or perhaps different countries.  Your family has accepted/made peace with the decision/ empowered you both/ or is very troubled.  Pick the option that fits you or add your own. ...more