Yep. It's one of THOSE things...

Oh you guys!You've missed so much!Let me catch you up...No, let me catch me up!I'm enjoying life too much!No. Seriously. It feels weird.When you have been in a weird depression fog for a long time and struggling to make everything positive, it almost feels weird to just enjoy life without effort.Does that make sense.I mean, I did have some moments of, "WHAT THE @!#$!%!!," but all in all it's been great ....more

Who do I look like?

You know it's pretty cool that we live only a 45 minute drive away from one of the biggest film festivals in the world—The Sundance Film Festival in Park City. We live only 20 minutes from actual Sundance where Robert Redford began the whole thing but it's popularity required more space so it is in the nostalgic winter town of Park City. I didn't realize it, and don't ask me why I didn't remember, but Marc has never been to Park City during the film festival ....more

Taco Time and Truth Time

I was checking something on my new flash so I used Brother as my subject. He was happy to cooperate at first and then I started invading his space... This is all very typical for Brother—the green apples, the salt and vinegar chips, the blanket, the microphone, the headphones, the iPod, the couch—all of it is pretty much him every day ....more

A "Fluting" Moment


Brothers Send

I finally made time to put the video together of Brother going on his first rock climb!You can read about it in my previous post from last year, but you'll love watching it here. A special thank you goes out to 12 Finger Outdoor Adventure ...more


So, I have to laugh after I wrote my post about being chased by tigers because that next day I was in a den of tigers...Ya, I went to Brother's high school and did a presentation about Fragile X in his choir class. His high school mascot is the tiger, so I was presenting to a den of Tigers... get it?Anyway, you would have thought I actually was, because I was so nervous about the whole thing that I hardly functioned the morning before ....more

Being Chased by Tigers

So, I learned something really scientific yesterday. It kind of blew me away. But, I know I am not going to do it scientific justice when I explain it to you in my way, so you'll just have to take my word for it or "Google" it and get the down low on this whole scientific thing I am about to explain in mommy-of-special-needs-kids-and-woman-of-humor terms ....more

I need my boots!

This is Ranger and Baby Oh. You can't see Baby? That's because she's under the blanket ....more

Put a lid on it

New Years Eve was full of experiences.We went early to my parents to celebrate with my brother, Daniel and his kids and to save my mom and dad from the 9 grandchildren they had had at their house the night before! This is what it looked like when we got here for New Year's Eve day... don't worry, I did all her dishes for her, but my mom is amazing and the kids were able to have so much fun with each other! ...more

My last post ever!

For this year!So crazy!!! I am amazed at how quickly 365 days can pass by. I'm excited for the next Leap Year when I feel like I'll have extra time.. ....more