The Basement

When I was younger I was so scared to go downstairs to our unfinished basement.I just knew there were monsters or ghosts down there.Sometimes, though, I had to go down there to get my mom's bottled peaches if I wanted peaches and cream, go down to get her bottled chili sauce for her homemade french fries, or to get something I needed out of the laundry.During the day it was alright.Ghosts only come out at night.So of course, at night, was when I was really scared.The way I solved this problem was by wrapping a blanket around me and turning on all the lights on my way down. The blanket, I guess, was like a shield. If I had a blanket around my back then no ghosts could sneak up on me.. ....more

Look up at the stars...

Depression almost won the battle today.I was able to get up and get Brother and Sister off to school. I thought I'd be able to get through the rest of the day and then it just hit me. I went to sleep ....more

So I thought

So I thought it was just a fluke or a stroke of luck that the past 3 days Baby has buckled her own seatbelt.It's for real!She can now buckle herself in the car!My life just got that much easier!She loves to sit alone in the very back of the van so it makes it a little bit of a stretch and bend for me to get her buckled in and now she does it herself!I'm so excited about this latest development. I knew right off when I saw her do it this morning that she really can do it on her own and it is so cute to watch her trying to make sure she gets it in the right slot and everything.I'm so proud of her! That takes some dexterity, strength and hand-eye coordination and she's got it!I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first time you have read a blog post about a mother who is so excited about their almost 6-year-old being able to buckle her own seatbelt.But, I would be surprised if you have been reading our blog for a while and don't realize that all three of our children have Fragile X Syndrome.In our house, seemingly small tasks have become huge and celebrated accomplishments ....more

The Beach at the Peak

Baby was helping me chalk... I ended up having to throw these clothes away because I couldn't get the chalk out... but at least she was happy to chalk with me ....more

Until Next Year!

We made it through the night fairly unscathed. Marc and I were excited to get up early and head to the beach. I guess our stressed parenting bodies decided we needed more rest so we didn't get as early a start as we would have liked ....more

We're Going To Mexico?!!

It's been a long time since our last, official family vacation.If you remember it, you'll also know why it's been so long.... (read about our Tetons trip here and here)We've been hesitant, nervous and, frankly, a little scared to take another extended excursion as a family.After a whole year of no official family vacation we decided that it just needed to happen.We had planned at the beginning of the year to visit my brother in Illinois, but when it came time to actually prepare to go we found that it wasn't going to work out.I was bummed, not only because I wanted to see my brother and his family, but because we had been preparing our kids, specifically Sister, for months in advance of our plans to drive 17 hours to see family and make little stops along the way. So, when we had to inform them that it wouldn't be happening after all it made for a bit of a fall-apart that lasted the course of several days ....more

The world I grew up in...

Our kids live in such a different world than I grew up in. When I was 5 years old if I had a favorite toy I wanted to remember I would draw a picture of it or color a picture that looked like it in a coloring book. Baby takes pictures of her favorite toy with my phone ....more

A Decade...

She is a decade old! A whole decade! I just can’t believe how much our kids are growing up ....more

...definitely didn't cut it!

Did you know there's a Chinatown in Salt Lake City?Well, there is.After my post yesterday, our friend, Naomi, informed us of that.We were so excited to take Sister there that we, on a whim, decided to go.I know, I know, we have kids with Fragile X... you can't SPRING plans on them... so we told them in the morning about 10am and didn't leave until 4:30pm.Maybe that wasn't enough time.Or maybe it was because we went during traffic.Or possibly that we drove past two pretty bad fender benders on the freeway that kind of freaked Sister out.And by "kind of" freaked out, I mean "really freaked out by most 9-year-old girls' standards, but slightly on a lesser side for Sister's type of freak out," In other words, it wasn't good.We muddled through by making sure to choose the right songs to be played on the radio and distracting her with the new road construction (at least some people find it exciting).Then we came to the grand entrance of SLC's Chinatown ....more

China Town isn't gonna cut it...

Sometimes I am able to capture something in a photo that is just hard to describe... Those two pictures above are a few of those moments. This is my favorite photo ever of my Mother-in-law, Lynne ....more