Stuffed Masala Bhindi - Okra recipe

~ I'm back into my smoky kitchen with some spices and odd vegetables. Odd as I say because not many people like to eat okra....more

Soya/Dill weeds with Potatoes - Soya Bhaji ~ Indian Cuisine

It been after a long, I have come up with the recipe, though this recipe will not take a long to cook. ~ This is definitely the one of the quickest, easiest, and delicious with few ingredients of recipe to fulfill your appetite and heart with its sweet aroma and flavor....more

Oh What an F-Word

~ Oh What an F-word ~     Oh what an F-word!I want to fly high with the feathers in my arms.Lead a fearless life and feat into the feast of living.I desire fleeting away from the fake and fission of mo...more