Pizza Monkey Bread AKA Pizza in a Bad @$$ Pocket

I saw a recipe for Pizza Monkey Bread on Pinterest using refrigerator biscuits, and thought my boys would love it.There are few things yummier than a Pillsbury Grands Biscuit.  Their pull apart layer by delicious buttery layer goodness can only be surpassed by their scrumdillyosis crescent rolls. ...more

A Step Back

Tonight was full of left overs for dinner, and I can't even remember as far back as lunch, so we are going to talk about a recipe that has been in my family for five generations now.  My great grandma came up with it in the fifties when she worked for a nursing home in Coeur d' Alene.  Grandma Evans was a super cook, and so was my grandma Marjorie.  It skipped a generation (sorry mom) and went to me and then to my lil' guy Sam.  To be fair, my mom isn't a bad cook any more, but I have memories full of burnt bbq chicken, and black hot dogs....more

How Long is too Long

I just read a blog that talked about keeping their cooked food in the fridge for 5-7 days before throwing it out.  Do you think that is too long?  I only keep food for 3-4 days max before it gets tossed out.  How long do you keep your food in the fridge before you get rid of it? ...more
It depends upon the food, really.more

Ho Hum Sandwich

The boys are home for spring break, so lunch just got a lot more complicated.  Sam eats hot lunch at school, Evan takes a lunch, cause his school doesn't have a hot lunch program, and he is old enough to make his own lunch, so I really don't have anything to take care of when school is in.  However when school is out it's like they forget that they are capable of doing something for themselves, and look to me to take care of everything.  The only problem is, I don't wanna!  Its spring break for goodness sake, I want to sleep in and have time off too. ...more

The downside of Christmas

I am truely upest and ashamed of my fellow Christians.  I realize that Christmas is an important time for many, especialy Christians who are celebrating the birth of  their savior Jesus Christ.  He is my savior as well, but you won't find me shopping on black friday.  Every year there is some horror story about a holiday shopper being trampled at a walmart or similar store, because people were so anxious to get inside to get the good deals for Christmas.  No one stops to help this poor person.  No one takes their hand.  No one shouts out STOP and help this...more

Poor Santa

The 2nd of several posts about poor Santa the rest is at under Dec 2009 ...more

What the He!!?

This is one of my first posts.  It was from last year.  the rest of the story is at December of 2009...more

The heat is on

Tell me, how it is possible, that at 33 (yes I now I don't look that old) :) I am driving my car to town, there is snow on the ground, it is 35 degrees outside, and I have the a/c on?  I do not believe that at 33 (thank you I know I look younger) I should be having hot flashes like this.  I was in my room before the drive to town, and my husband comes in and says its freezing in here and curls up under the blankets, and pulls them over me.  "I LIKE IT COLD!" I say as I proceed to kick the blankets off and turn the fan up.  (Yes I said fan.  It is 38 degrees ...more

My Little Chef

Well, Sammy (my youngest) has been giving serious thought to what he wants to be when he grows up, and decided a while back that he wants to work for the Lego company.  I was very excited, and figured that this fit in with the engineer in him....more

Fa la la la WHATEVER

It is no big secret that I am not fond of winter or Christmas. I do not like the cold, I do not like the snow, I dislike driving in bad weather, and wish for the entire 5-6 months of winter, that I was somewhere tropical. I think Christ should be celebrated everyday, not just once a year, where we spend all our time, money and energy trying to out buy, out decorate, and out cook the Jones's, and very little time thinking of Christ at all. I especially dislike all the Christmas music....more