Chocolate Dipped Watermelon, a 43rd Birthday

The Annual Birthday Blog Post Goddess (let's call her Lenora) is circling back once again to these digital coordinates. Birthdays make you ask:  where has the time gone? Nothing answers back more honestly than the dates on blog posts. They're like the wicked stepmother's magic mirror in Snow White--totally honest. Cringe. Getting older is the passing of time. But you do get little wisdom shots along the way. This was a good day for these....more

Frozen in Time

Everywhere I turn or tune in this week, little girls are singing, dancing to, and rehearsing that song. That earworm (it’s a nice song the first 15 times) Let It Go. From the movie Frozen.This is for BlogHer, I thought to myself knowing I’d find good writing on the topic here. But my experiences are different. I believe Frozen is a full-blown epidemic that falls short culturally. An epic labor in search of, I joking commented, an epidural. There are other perspectives here. I honor and recognize their voices....more

Galloping into NaBloPoMo

I am stumbling in to this month's National Blog Post Month to try it out and see what happens. We'll see where this experiment goes. So far, I'm off to a real horse lover's start....more

Teaching Girls That Gravity Rocks

Grandmother's Lost

When I should have been doing something else, I found myself immersed for hours in comparing images of women. I found myself longing for an app I could use to point my phone at the photos that would scan them and tell me (from built in facial recognition technology) whether one child in a photo was the same person in another photo taken 20 years later. Was the old grandmother the same young woman in this photo, or this one?...more

Coconut for Life's Journey

I do a lot with coconut--a lot. I guess you can call me an addict. So when a blogleague (colleague+blogger) issued the call for posts of recipes from a cookbook whose co-author had been diagnosed with cancer, I answered....more

Caveat Emptor: Pele's Empanadas


Boogie Forward


The Lammas Report

 Happy Lammas!&...more

Get Your Goat: Solstice Shortbread

What happens when you put fresh apricots on a blind date with lavender honey? You have a really good time...and just in time for the Summer Solstice....more