Food Labels Leave Off Full Story for Allergy Sufferers-My Son's WTOP Interview

When I first started my blog,, I had originally viewed it as an allergy blog, complete with recipes and advice. Over the years, I realized that while allergies were always at the forefront of our lives, there were so many other things, funny, and not so funny, about the parenting and "aging" journey that needed to be explored as well.  I realized that I could still advocate on behalf of my son, but I didn't have to do it 24/7 in my blog....more

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff-Not as Simple as it Sounds

The adage Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff really isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Sure, I would love to let the non-sensical things roll off my back while shedding all the angst, contemplation and anxiety that goes along with it.  I agree that the heart on my sleeve deserves a day off, as it has been working overtime lately. Admittedly, I have been guilty of sweating the small stuff, the big stuff, and all the stuff in between. This past November was my daughter’s bat mitzvah....more

Facebook Forgiveness-Yom Kippur in the Electronic Age

I thought about writing this in my Facebook status box this morning…To all those I have wronged, I’m sorry.  Then, I thought, how disingenuous and trite that sounded.   As a kid, I used to nervously think about Yom Kippur and all its implications....more

Diary of a Bake-o-Phobe-Another Manic Muffin Monday

Not comfortable baking? Have your baked goods come out like pucks? Have you set off your smoke detector off more than once? Do the ducks even snub the remnants of your experimentation? Does it seem like everyone else has baking prowess or a cooking show and you seem to always overmix, overbake, or are just plain over it?  Yup. I get it. I was a Bake-o-Phobe just like you, until my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and I had to learn how to feed him and my family.  ...more

Running in Circles…One 5K at a Time

Ah….the year is finally winding down, yet, I am still running in circles. Camp forms need to be completed, sneakers need to be replaced, closets need expunging, duffle bags require fumigating.   I’m a one woman show.  I  amass the camp clothes, label, wash all the pool towels on a regular basis and I wonder sometimes, do my kids actually know how much behind the scenes preparation it takes just so they can have fun? The answer is a resounding NO.  I work alone with no one beside me....more

The Keurig Conundrum and Other Coffee Anxieties

My twelve-year old is currently taking health class in middle school. I must tell you that the dinnertime conversations this week have been peppered with some fascinating tidbits. I nearly choked on my chicken the other day when I got questions pertaining to menopause. Really? As if they don’t have enough to worry about in their young, hormonal, over programmed and pressured lives?...more
I love my coffee and my keurig :-)more

My Own Happiness Project-Top Ten Things to Make Your Life a Happier One

Admittedly, some days are harder than others.  Frenetic schedules, family emergencies, carpooling, and to- do lists a mile long.When you need Monday-Thursday to catch up from your weekend, there’s definitely a problem.  I also admit that I am prone to letting little things get to me, even though I try not to let that happen, but, alas, it does.  ...more
@Denise  It really makes a difference!!!more

Healthy Little Debbies-Recipe

Remember Little Debbie’s, with all that yummy cream centered between two chewy oatmeal cookies? Ah, yes, soooo delicious. I went through a Little Debbie phase back in grad school where I just couldn’t get enough of them.  At the time, I was weaning myself off Pop Tarts; my sugary, hydrogenated laden, cholesterol building, fat inducing toaster pastries.  ...more

Spring Challenge: 7lbs in 7 Weeks-The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (in reverse)

It has been exactly one week and three days since I started my 7 lbs in 7 weeks campaign. I have a number of observations about my spring challenge and I bring them to you uncut, unedited, painfully honest, embarrassing, out there, but hopefully, motivational.The Ugly...more

Telling Your Kids that the World Can Suck-Thoughts on Boston

I rarely have the television on when the kids are home, and for good reason.  At 5:30, I was blissfully living inside my temporary domestic bubble.  My husband wasn’t travelling and thus, able to take our son to karate, leaving me an hour of luxury to actually make dinner, as opposed to slapping something together....more