Bumper Sticker Bullies...Abortion Causes Breast Cancer...Seriously?

 You would think that the myriad of random things occurring to me yesterday would have set me off. It started out with an unprecedented weigh-in which only proved that my 6lbs in six weeks plan was going to take far longer than anticipated....more

My Own Allergy Free Recipe featured in Clean Eating Magazine!

Grab a copy of the latest Clean Eating Magazine, June 2012 for a great, easy, egg, nut, and dairy free recipe-Suncakes. Make them  tonight!httphttp://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=5391209787774637394#editor/target=post;postID=6711515542724622095 ...more

Top Ten Food Allergy Lessons-In Honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week

This week is Food Allergy Awareness Week and for what it's worth, as a mother of a son with severe food allergies, I compiled a top ten list of things I have learned along the way, about myself, the process, and myself in the process.  Top Ten Food Allergy Lessons1. The process sometimes stinks, but you have to be vigilant....more

Grappling with the "Grapple"

 What is a grapple you ask? Well, I assure you, it isn’t anything I made up and it's my latest nutritional pet peeve. As I was grocery shopping the other day, happily gathering my brightly colored produce, (it always makes me happy to see a cartful of produce ranging in the greens, purples, oranges, reds and yellows) when low and behold I noticed in the apple aisle, a package with four “grapples.”  My curious nature got the best of me and I just had to know what the heck a grapple was. ...more