Baby Boomer's Do You Know The Facts or Do Careless

Like I said before, I am fed up of the Political Rhetoric !Those independent's and tea-partier,  that have not only caused the Speaker to step-down. But, have created so much chaos, with these tactics during the eight years of President Obama, presidency is ridiculous !...more

This Is For Some of Those That Are In the Age Bracket of (25-30). And If you are older well Shame On You !!!!

Ok, there are these so called "young ladies" ! Well, you can't call them that, if they are parading their A..S, up and down the street ! A lady, for that matter, does not act like that, you see, these so called ladies from rap star to Disney channel, leaving the impression if you barely wear any clothes "that's sexy" !!...more

My People, Want to Shine With The Identity of Self-Righteousness & Glory !

When does a True Leader Lead ????A  True Leader leads, when they are capable of acknowledging, their mistakes, correcting them and confessing them and not glossing over them ! A True Leader leads, by putting those out, that  created the problem in the first place !A True Leader leads, when their own family members are corrected, no matter how self-righteous they look !  Never, forget that appearances,are deceiving !  As long as I have live,  I know when someone is being deceptive, wants their own way and will do anything to get !...more

A Family Matter……. Unresolved Should Be Left In The Past Where It Belongs !

Ok, we all have family members that we haven't got along with in a very long time.  And, if you get along with all of your family members than you are blessed !...more

And Yes , I Will Claim My Prize !

Recently, I've taken a class , that have far more than I can ever imagine. First off, I'm not a programmer. But, I do have the expertise in mathematics to figure out the problems in the course !  It's a coding class, and I have learn something I attempt to explain in one of my blogs. It is entitled " This is an Engineering Problem", dated back in October of 2014.Just to refresh your memory, there is a under ground tangled mess of copper wiring that one of the biggest company, since the 1800's, refuses to even acknowledge needs fixing !...more

This is For That Controlling Witch: It's Warfare…..Spiritually I Might Add !

Don't be surprised, when you meet people that think, they have the control of God, when they are in a leadership position. I'm here to tell you that, you are sadly mistaken !1) You do not wake up on your own, and it's not the alarm clock that wakes you !...more

Mr. Vice President Biden !! You Got My Vote !!!!

As 2016, vastly approaches , I am sadden to see President Obama, will leave in November of 2016. He has fought a good fight in implementing His agenda, with and without the help of the Congress ! Yes, he says "what he means and means what he says".However, as I look at the likely candidates, I see none of interest accept Vice President Biden !I like his style,  political expertise, and He will just as President Obama, follow-thur on his promises. In the 2012, Presidential Debates, he accurately expressed the issues that are now coming to pass now in 2015. ...more

You Call it Hate Crime !!!

Here is a list of Issues in my neighborhood that have gone unresolved for far too long !If you live in my neighborhood and you are participating in any of these matters, make sure that your check it off your list as it applies to you and only you !1. I am not responsible or take ownership, for those that sell pills or other drugs in my neighborhood.2. Any local business or establishment, that participate in any endeavor such as this , should take ownership and responsibility for their own participation in this one....more