Is your relative ethical

Here we are again another Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday. The celebration of what a great man did in respect of the Civil Rights movement. Yes, and I believe we should respectively, honor what his birthday stands for as a National holiday. But, all of us meaningful, folks, those that believe in the Civil Rights of others, have become so relaxed and so comfortable, that we believed that we do not have a moral obligation to continue this fight....more

The Same Measure Of Chastisement.

  This is for those men of God,believe that Almighty God, has given them the authority as ordained minsters, to chastise. If, this is the case, then the sins that you have committed over time has the same measure. God, would deal with your sins that you have committed in the same measure and also chastise you....more

Every DOJ Public Official Needs to UpHold Justice

  Now, I'm Calling on Every Department of Justice Official !Every single day, another Black Man is being pulled over and shot. There is no Statistical Data, in the website, at the Department of Justice, for the statistics of every Ethnicity of Police Officers, all over the United States. There, is a only limited breakdown listed under "Traffic Stops" in an Excel spreadsheet from 1999 - 2004! And a listing, of how Methodical traffic stops are

WARNING ! Elder Abuse On-Line !

Recently, I was looking for my daughter's  God-mothers phone number.I just could not remember it.  So, remember seeing it on-line, I was wondering why this elder's information would be there.  Then, I thought about, if her information was there, then, maybe a lot of other elders information is there as well.These, are elders that own property and is in there 80-90's. They are not computer literate, and who would be collecting information that they cannot remove !...more

What A Selective Memory

 I mentioned to my oldest daughter, while in Highschool, in the Seventies, that I didn't have a "clue" of what was going on around me at that time. From 1970 to 1979, there was so much going on, politically and because, I really wasn't interested I missed it.Watching some old videos, of seventies enlighten me to know what was going on in the Nation, as well as in my very own City. Now, even though, these were just reenactments, of the real stories in history I started to see a pattern....more

I Have No Respect For Those That Hurt Others !!!!

  I have no respect for those that hurt others. They go on as if they haven't done anything wrong. Preaching , Stealing, and Even running for office. But, it may not have caught  up with you yet.And, you may have the money ,to even cover up your Dung. But, the fact remains, you can't hide from yourself. You know and God knows, what you've done. The funny apart about it, you keep looking for a way to do even more damage than what you've done before....more

Stop Trying To Walk On Water, You know Who You Are !

  There is a whole lots of people, traveling down a one way street going the wrong way in the opposite direction. I find it amusing, that they continue to be in everyone else's lane accept theirs.I would really like to see or maybe not ! Those, to go down to Ocean Beach and attempt to take one step, to walk on water.Since, in their minds, they believe they can anyway....more

"OH, You Will Never Know" !

 Is that right, I'll never know !It's funny when you search the History, and find out that there is history you really knew nothing about.In the late seventies, I worked in a building, that I didn't know was build and owned by a corporation, that I would work for later in life. I was so happy working for the ATF, Department of the Treasury coming out of Highschool. It was a Manpower summer job, and it could have become permanent. But, decided, that I would go away to college instead....more

Happy Birthday President Obama

 Happy Birthday Mr. President Obama !No, this is not August 4th, but it is within this week, so here is a Pre-Birthday Celebration !As, I sat down to writing this blog, I reflected back over the years, when you first became our President. The first inauguration speech you gave, the dance with First Lady Obama and the song "At Last"....more

There Is No Doubt Lives Matter !

 I recently, read an article of a Fortune 500 CEO, advocating that Black Lives Matter. And, the the truth of matter, is that he is one hundred percent correct in some of his assertions. But, what gets me , is those that are in a different social economical backgrounds advocating truth. But, refuses to see the Logic behind a system that refuses to tell the truth and will only construct bits and pieces, of information that justifies their data as always to be true. I'm not attempting to attack anyone, I truly believe that there can be some common ground, achieved....more