HomeLand Security Is Vital.....Immigration Is A Separate Issue....The Tactics Being Used Is Irrelevant !!!

The spending bill for Homeland Security, has nothing to do with Immigration. Why, would you compound two bills that has limited similarity ! The American people, need the safety of the Homeland Security. So, who is affected primarily "our" Borders in Texas and in California !!!!...more

Thank You..,President Obama for your "Consistency" in matters, pertaining to Climate Change !!

In the matters pertaining to "our" Earth's climate and weathering conditions, President Obama, makes his intentions very clear. That, our planet earth needs protection for generations to come. His recent decision, in vetoing the Republican ran Congress to go no further, with the implementation of the Keystone XL pipeline.It needs no other fanfare, it is crystal clear to know, that if, we  do not substain our natural resources on this planet, we are headed in the wrong direction, in regards, to environmental substainabilty....more

Hands Caught In Too Many Pies !!!!

I was reading my local newspaper on friday, while sitting in the jury duty waiting room. I found this particular article interesting. "Strong-arm tractics used" http://www.sfexaminer.com/sanfrancisco/police-union-strong-arms-board-of......more

I Agree With You Senator Bernie Sanders

Ok, is it true that the Walmart Family, is one of the top wealthest family in America ? Proclaiming, how they help families, while, the dish out limited money to the poor and middle class in hourly wages ?Owns 1/10 more wealth, 153 B dollars and as one of the top 1% families in America ! Wow !! They're living High Off The Hog, and I Mean Hog !!!!! This is the same for the Koch brothers, that will & deal and pay for  their special interest groups !!!...more

Seasoned Mothers born in the year of the twenties !

There were mothers, in the church, when I was younger, in my thirthies, that I wanted to emulate, they were seasoned full of Godly wisdom. They are  gone on to glory now, some were blessed to live  to be one hundred plus.  When, they were on earth, I listen to them, they could see with their spiritual eyes and could tell you with love, not condemnation, where you were going wrong. ...more

Term Limits For Life

This is a very controversial subject, however, the question still needs to be addressed....more

Goodwill Experience

Goodwill Industries and Buying & Sellinghttp://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-140461882.html...more

Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Issues ?????

Kaiser Permanente, has been known to sweep issues under the rug for years. Even, in the form of malpractice. Mixing and covering up patient information and even privacy disclosures of HIPPA . The Department of Public in our city and other agencies, that are connected, when information is used and not deleted from data bases, such as SSN, and other pertinent information still claiming that they uphold HIPPA regulations....more

After 29 years of the Same Tax Act, Its Time For Tax Reform !!!

The Tax Reform Act, was driven by a detailed tax-simplification proposed by the Reagan Administration.1) He (president Reagan), vowed that He would “Veto” any Bill that was not revenue neutral and he was persistent in decreasing Individual Income Tax Rates for whom ???? The rich !!!!Top rated taxes were lowered from 50% to 28% and bottom rated tax rates were increased from 11% to 15%. All other, low level or poverty level taxes were consolidated.This administration raised a wopping 54.9 B the first fiscal year after the reform was enacted....more

The Mayor of C St.

The mayor, oh, not the real mayor. But the mayor of C St. The one that hated a car parked out in front, that leaked oil. And came to the rescue of the one complaining about it. No, compassion of the owner of the car that is dying, just move the car, so that, he no longer had to look at it. Yea, the one, with all of the bird shit, that believe it good nutrients for plants....more