So my husband has been acting as my personal trainer since I started working out. It seems like it has been a long time, but now that I look at the calender I realize it has only been about two weeks total. We try to work out five days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday we lift. The other days we do ab workouts. The first few workouts were tough for me. I basically felt like I was going to fall apart. But at the same time I felt great. At this point, I'm already feeling better. Not only do I feel good about myself because I'm putting effort into losing ...more

How 9/11 Changed My World

I didn't live in New York. I didn't have family there. I wasn't in business when it happened. I didn't go to public school. I was 14 in 2001. Outwardly, nothing changed for me. But inside, many things did. ...more