It’s night three of Operation Two Kids + One Room, and things have gone south. Night one was a smashing success, but Max was so tired that he fell asleep almost before I left the room, and Rosie was passed out pretty quickly after that. Night two had a few hiccups, but ultimately everyone fell asleep without too much ruckus ....more


On the last day of school, Noah came home with a giant folder. Instead of showing you all the glorious pieces of art he had amassed from the whole of second grade (DON’T THINK I DIDN’T CONSIDER IT) I will instead show you this one gem, a staggering work of genius on one sheet of paper. I give you: Noah’s Inventions ....more

Putting the she in shenanigans

One broke girl Today at work I broke the internet. Maybe it was the posting here after a long time not posting here that did it, or maybe it was the fact that I seem to be leaving a trail of destruction behind me for the last day and a half, with flash floods, broken glass, wardrobe malfunctions, etc. Who knows ....more


It’s been almost a month since I quit my job at ye olde magazine for the wee babes and women ripe with child, and things are slowly, slowly, slowwwwly settling back down into the groove of “normal-paced” around here. This is a step or three down from “full-on bananas,” which is what much of the last year has been. Take a family of four, with two full-time working, commuting parents, add a brand-new third kid and shake ....more


Max is 1. He’s ONE, you guys. Happy birthday, beautiful. One from racher on Vimeo. Music: Happy Birthday Beautiful by The Innocence Mission ...more

I will not mention my sore throat, not even once

I’m going to bed in five minutes, no excuses. You know what that means: POSTIN’ NO DELETE STYLE. Giddyup. Tonight at bedtime, Rosie called to us several times because she was scared/hungry/needed water, etc. Once she even called out to let us know that she didn’t hear us when we said, “GOODNIGHT, ROSIE” and then got out of her bed, turned down the music on her CD player, got back in bed and then said, “OK! What did you say? ...more

A post only a mother could love

Out of the clear blue this weekend, Noah waltzed out onto the porch where I sat fishing the 37th piece of dirt/bug/trash out of Max’s mouth and said, “Hey mom, remember when you asked me those questions and taped it on your camera? When I was four? Can we do that again?” Well, of course I remembered, but the fact that he remembered was pretty awesome. Plus, can we do that again? Have you met me? Oh, we’re so doing ...more


I had a great something something to post today and then I went and waited too late to get it uploaded all fancy like, and since I am clearly only about the fanciest of uploads, it’s going to have to come at your eyeballs on Tuesday. Oh, the anticipation! ...more

Foresight’s 20/20

Today after my first arrival home, I turned on the oven to preheat, unpacked my scuzzy lunch containers and put them in the sink for washing, shoved the bag o’ breast milk in the fridge, unboxed the frozen lasagna, and then went to sit down on the couch for two minutes (TOPS, I told myself, sternly). I collapsed with my head thrown back on a pillow, exhausted from my all-day, allergy-induced cough-sprees, but mostly from work and commuting ....more

Fit to be (bow) tied

Thing the first: Noah has started to be consumed by book reading. Like inhaling them down Slurpee style sans brain freeze. His latest kick is Encyclopedia Brown books (Leroy!) and for example, he checked out three of them from the library today at 4 p.m. and by bedtime had two chapters of ONE of the books left. Uh. We’re gonna need a bigger library ....more