I Can No Longer Afford To Be The Good Little Church Girl

I was just eighteen years old and had recently finished one whole semester at a college I was attending for a music degree. There were several issues regarding the challenges of me continuing on at this school at the time, but mainly I knew deep inside that this wasn't at all what I was supposed to be doing....more
Oh my dear girl! If for nothing else, be thankful for this one thing - that you are asking these ...more

For When You Feel Disappointed

The Hard Truth About Love

{all photo credits: mrayphotography.com}...more

Fake Love And Emotional Porn

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day. In fact, every single year I tell my husband, "Please do NOT get me a card or flowers or chocolate. Just love me the same way you usually do."...more

The Gift Of An Empty Box

"Don't let people who like to keep things in pretty boxes keep you from experiencing everything about your own life." - Sandi K....more

You Don't Have To Apologize For Your Life

Once I knew a lady who sat behind the mahogany desk of her ministry office, clicking on the Facebook pages of people she pretended to like in person tearing apart their life via their Facebook page like a tiger rips apart a fresh kill. It was awful to watch. And to be honest, I'm embarrassed to have stood witness to it....more

Why We Keep Track Of The Minutes Until The Kids Are Gone

Teach us to number our days,that we may gain a heart of wisdom. - Psalm 90:12...more

Why It Really Doesn't Matter If We Agree With Candace Bure On Biblical Submission

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When Christmas Isn't Merry And Bright

A Letter To Victoria's Secret - From A Real Woman

Dear Victoria's Secret,...more