Separating from a Toxic Work Environment

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead“Sit. Down.” I was surprised at the dangerous steeliness of my 23-year-old, usually-girlish voice, as if I were hearing the tone emanate from outside of my own body. But somehow I already knew that I was helpless.  The classroom was eerily silent - my other 39 high school students, sprawling in desk-less chairs in my overcrowded space, collectively tensed....more

Working for Results!

A Rural Education“Wake up!”The lights in our small country house were flashing on and my parents were already dressed, although it was still dark outside my bedroom window. My little brother and I, 14 and 10 respectively, wanted to stay curled up in our warm cocoons of blankets and pillows, but my parents moved with such an urgency that it wasn’t long before we wandered with sleepy eyes from our bedrooms to find out what was happening....more

(Literally) Following Your Dreams: Harnessing the Power of Sleep

During my pre-teen years, sleeping was a nightly battle. I suffered from adolescent insomnia, and each bedtime became a game of watching the clock as the house became silent, knowing that each passing hour meant an hour less of restful sleep. Like many other aspects of middle school, however, my insomnia seemed to be merely a phase. By my late teens, I had almost completely forgotten about my bouts of insomnia, and slept glibly with the pride of someone who had always slumbered easily, as if I had a sort of  special talent....more