Targets and Perpetrators: Hate-Reading Women on the Internet

My life is good.* *good but I acknowledge it's because of my privilege. *good but let me tell you some bad things because I don't want to be accused of bragging. *good but not that good. My life isn't perfect.  When I saw A Practical Wedding's theme for April, The Good, my first reaction was to shudder. Not because I don't know what's good about my life, but because... well... you want me to talk about that? On the internet? Are you nuts? ...more

Don't Say You're Sorry. Just Own It.

Women are emotional beings. We feel a lot of things: passion, ambition, desire, desire to be desired. But I’ve noticed that more than anything, we just seem to feel guilty. Guilty for being passionate. Guilty for being ambitious. Guilty for wanting more. Guilty for wanting to be wanted. I used to feel guilty too. Until I owned it. ...more

I so agree with you so much that I had to respond :)more

Update Your Cardio With a Pyramid Scheme

So…let’s talk cardio. (Ugh, first thing on a Monday? I know.) Cardio is great for weight loss, but it can be totally boring. Some days it’s hard to stay motivated the whole time and not just watch the clock tick down every single minute. So if you’re not in the mood, here’s a way to make it go a little quicker. If you need a little something to help you eek out 30 minutes of cardio, do a “5-10-15 Routine.” ...more

Meatless Monday: Brie and Pear Salsa Quesadilla

Oh oh, it’s that day of the week again! Let’s take a little break from livestock and fill up on the other food groups, shall we? Today’s recipe is for a quesadilla! Quesadillas are a yummy choice, but ones that come loaded with sour cream from Taco Bell or a restaurant can result in an unhealthy vegetarian meal–one that includes thousands of calories (Qdoba’s kids’ meal quesadilla. Seriously–look it up.) So why not make your own for a perfect snack or add a salad for a filling meal? ...more

You Taste Just Like Candy

Have you had a chance to try the "Fling?" It's a cute new candy bar marketed especially toward women! ...more