In which I remember to be thirty-one

Here’s some information you may want to file away if you are ever to be in the care of one Rosie Mae (my 15-month old daughter), or befriend her someday, or marry her. Especially if you plan to marry her. When Rosie is unwell and feeling less than optimum, she does not want to mope around or sleep it away or cuddle up for some sick day snuggles. Sickness does not weaken her. It Pisses. Her. Off....more

Hi, I'm Racher, and I'm a Blogaholic

After discovering the blog world in September (I previously was living under a rock called MED SCHOOL) I have been blogging daily, and can't believe how much I enjoy it. Then I found NaBloPoMo, which I joined immediately and felt like I was cheating a bit, since I already blogged every day anyway. But now I will get kudos for it! Hooray! Please stop by my site ( and say hello and also feel free to leave tips and suggestions for how to have EVEN MORE FUN blogging. As if that's possible. Also, feel free to leave money. Love, Racher ...more

Hey thanks! I checked out your blog and I think it's awesome that you can fly planes. Also, I ...more