It will NOT be easy

I just came home from dinner with two of my good friends and one girl that my friends know but I was just meeting for the first time. This girl seemed ok and it always takes me time to warm up to people so I gave it a chance to get to know her a bit. My two friends are women's studies/social work students just like me, but this other girl is in a totally different program (and mindset). Somehow we got on the topic of prostitution and being a playboy bunny and the amount of money women can make from showing or selling their body....more

I came out to my roommate...

I live in a university owned townhouse (there's two bedrooms, basically like an apartment) and recently had a female roommate move in.  All of my friends' immediate reaction was "You HAVE to tell her your a lesbian!"   I was against this at first because I believe that I shouldn't have to explicitly come out to her and make a big deal out of it.  I am comfortable with who I am and figured that if it ever came up I'd just be honest. Seemed like a good plan... ...more

Thanks for brining that argument up.  Both arguments are very true and I think that's ...more

Ready Made Feminism

I recently dropped a class because I was frustrated by the lack of feminist content, but in all fairness it was a women's studies class, so a discussion of feminism is rightly expected.  After this, a friend told me that the majority of the world is not feminist, and when I leave school I will encounter many situations that are not feminist; part of what I need to do with my life is find the feminism in things or use my own feminist standpoint to critique what I experience.  And I'm fairly realistic, so I know this is true.  I am considering going to law school, and this woul...more

Family Backtalk

Some people love their family, some people dread spending time with their family, and I think many of us feel both at the same time.  I certainly do!  I had to spend the day with my parents and aunts/uncles, the youngest of that group being 58, so they're up there in age and have some beliefs 100% opposite to mine....more

Knowing when to write something

Hello Everyone!I am very thankful that I have the privilege and opportunity to be starting this blog.  This is my first foray into the world of technology (ya I can use email and facebook, but that's pretty much it), so blogging is going to be my new challenge!...more