Enamel-Painted Halloween Vases

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Bullet Journal Inspiration

Anyone (besides me) new to, or already completely hooked on bullet journaling? I...more

Easy-Sew Lunch Sacks

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Pineapple Lip Balm DIY for CreativeLive

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Father’s Day Leather Craft Round-Up

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Diamonds and Pearls

I just wanted to say that I still miss Prince. I painted this for one of my dearest friends last night, while listening to D&P on repeat. And maybe weeping a little ....more

Duolingo Inspired Painting: Tilbake Til Svart

I’m rapidly approaching my 100th consecutive day studying Norwegian on the Duolingo app. I applaud whomever submits the sentences, phrases, song lyrics that end up as examples in my daily language lessons. I look forward to logging in everyday ....more

Knitting Fork Beer Coozy

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Enamel Paint Emergency Tin Candle

Emergency candle + match sets are always a good idea to have around. Whether it’s a rolling brown-out (our air conditioner has been battling the 90+ weather all day), a zombie apocalypse, or impromptu camp-out, keeping a fire source handy is just part of being a good scout and prepared human being. I made these […] The post Enamel Paint Emergency Tin Candle appeared first on Radmegan ....more

Duolingo (and Meme) Inspired Painting: Katten Vet Hva Du Gjør

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