Reflecting on Essence at 20 Years!

One Day At A Time!

Good for you for continuing to fight. One day at a time is a very good mantra. I'll be sending ...more

Michael Brown and The Politics of Respectability

If we are honest, many African-Americans waited with baited breath hoping that Mike Brown was not killed while committing a crime. For many of us, it's our worst nightmare. That is, giving white America the fuel to say that our senseless death is justified. The politics of respectability have long been an issue for Black America. We have had to prove over and again that we are American too, in so many ways and so many times, that calling the role would be endless....more
Very well said. Skin pigmentation should not have any bearing whatsoever on either justice, or ...more

Depression, God and Staying Alive...

I truly appreciate this post and your openness as I battled with clinical depression on two ...more

More Than My Vagina!