the story of today

It’s true y’all. Even though I could swear he was just born yesterday, my baby boy is turning 8 years old this week. His head comes to my shoulder now when he stands up straight ....more

a common thread

[This week, Raechel is visiting Rwanda with International Justice Mission, Noonday Collection and a group of storytellers to see and hear the story of the people of Rwanda and how they are being practically helped by these organizations. We invite you to read along with all of the storytellers here if you like!) ...more

#StyleForJustice – About the Tirp

In just three...more

Hazel Wren turns four!

Today I’m guest blogging at The Land of Nod’s blog,Honest to Nod! Come over and say hello!! xo ...more

5 ways to foster creativity in your child

One morning a few months ago, I went into Oliver’s room to wake him up and get him moving for the day, and couldn’t believe what I found. I had tucked him in the night before, allowed 30 minutes of reading time, and called “lights out” up the stairs by 9pm. Since Ryan and I didn’t hear anything else from him that night, we had no reason to believe that is wasn’t a typical bedtime for our first grader ....more

what my kids get at starbucks

We’re coffee drinkers at our house. Though sadly, I’m not a very *ahem* grown-up coffee drinker. I need chocolate syrup and whipped cream and a whole lot of dairy to make the coffee beans go down ....more

today, I made soup for an army

Just writing today because it’s what I do. When I hurt, I write. It wasn’t always that way ....more

field day

Among the busyness of working and writing and meeting and app-building, our family has managed to enjoy a good bit of “normal” around here lately. The weather has warmed up (it was over 80 degrees here yesterday!) and we’ve been walking on the trail in the woods behind our house nearly every day. Yesterday morning was delightfully typical ....more

surprised by motherhood

(I also shared this...more


It’s been twenty-five days since I shared the crazy busy, but super happy state of our lives. In fact, I remember specifically quoting Charles Spurgeon to you – talking about the bigness of what I sensed was coming and how that laid me low and buoyed me all at the same time. “If you would feel how utterly powerless you are apart from the living God, attempt especially the great work of proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ.” Those are the words I chose to share moments before I dove head-first into preparations for what would potentially be the biggest success or failure of my life ....more