Work Life Meets Love Life, Sort Of

Yesterday I finally started feeling a bit more on top of my game, so I went out with Fernando to the mall. It was excellent. He wanted to give me a day out because he hadn't had the chance to see me all week while I was sick and he was working, and he felt badly that he wasn't able to take care of me. So we strolled into the mall. Thus far, I've managed to keep Fernando just a name and a picture to my coworkers for the most part. He's talked to a couple of them, but only on the very rare times they caught us when we actually got to grab lunch together during the week. ...more

The Perks of Being Sick

An upper respiratory infection and an ear infection have kept me home from work every day this week. It's been, quite frankly, miserable. When my ears weren't hurting, they were plugged up. When I wasn't coughing, my throat was hurting. And the congestion in my head and nose has remained a fair constant.I'm gearing up for NaBloPoMo on my own blog, and in the spirit of that, I'm thinking on the theme of love and sex for February....more

It's All In Your Tone Of Voice

The conversation always goes a little something like this: "Hello, may I please speak to Bob?" "That would be my husband. MayI help you?" "May I leave a message for him?"*a slight tightening of the voice, maybe even a frostiness that wasn't fully apparent comes fully into play* "Yes." "Would you ask him to call back to speak to us about his account please? And do you need our number?" ...more